Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stephen Pavey Q&A

Interview with Stephen Pavey, candidate for SGA Attorney General. His opponents are Chris Matheny and Kelsey Queen.

* * *

Chris Slater: Let’s start off with, what’s your SGA experience?

Stephen Pavey: Well, I was appointed Senator at the beginning of this year by President Yeager. I have served in that capacity all year. Presently, I am pending a Justice position, which that’s not really “experience.” I have served on Ethics committee all year. I’m also presently a member of Judicial Reform committee. And, I did serve on Budgetary committee, this semester, as well as numerous other committees.

CS: What initially attracted you to the SGA?

SP: Well, I’m a very political person. I am a political science major and a pre-law minor, so I mean, my future that I look towards to is in a governmental role. So, this would be a good place to get a start and help students.

CS: Why did you decide to run for Attorney General?

SP: Well, I’ve always wanted to get into the Judicial process and I’ve wanted to be able to fight for the students whenever it comes to things like off-campus jurisdiction or visitation hours in the dorms. I just felt like I could fill that capacity quite well.

CS: What are you going to do if you’re not elected?

SP: Well, like I said, right now, I am a Senator, but I am pending a Justice position. So, depending on whether or not the Senate approves me as a Justice, I will continue on with the SGA in the capacity and fighting for the students.

CS: What are your thoughts on your opponents campaigns?

SP: I believe that they are running fair campaigns. I have personally talked to Chris and Kelsey, and they have both been very mature and respectful about it. And, I believe that they both are doing a very good job.

CS: What are some areas you think the SGA’s doing well in and what do you think they can improve?

SP: Well, unlike what The Concordian says about our transparency, I believe we are being very transparent. I believe that there are a few things that need to be dealt with. But, whenever it comes to passing a Code of Ethics or a lot of other things, whenever it comes to Housing committee and what they’re doing, fighting for open visitation on Thursday night in Towers, I believe we are doing a lot of good things.

CS: How do you respond to critics who say you may have a lack of experience in the SGA?

SP: Well, I would have to say with a lack of experience, I do have a desire and a will to do it. And, I believe that I can fulfill the job’s duties.

CS: I believe, on Facebook, in a note, Jeff endorsed you for the Attorney General’s spot. Is that correct?

SP: Yes.

CS: Okay. How does that feel to have the President’s support?

SP: I felt that, you know, I am very happy that he holds the faith in me to do this job. It just made me feel a lot better that I do have his support.

CS: Do you have a pick for President yet? Do you know who you’d like to see?

SP: Well, all three candidates, they are pretty good. I’m leaning between Korey Hummer and Matt Belcher.

CS: Just, maybe to let people get to know you a little better, you do some Civil War reenacting. What exactly is that, and how did you get into that?

SP: Well, my ancestors did serve in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. I have always had a love of history. I am also a double major in history, so that spawns off of that. But, basically what we do, is we dress up in our full uniforms - everything is in wool, cotton, just what they wore. Everything is reproduced down to a T - what they had. Basically, we just get out there and reenact old battles of the Civil War, such as Gettysburg, Spotsylvania; local battles such as Hurricane or Jeffersonville.

CS: How many people do that? Like, how many people gather at one point?

SP: I’ve been to events as small as 100 and as big as 15,000.

CS: Oh, wow.

SP: Gettysburg, in 2008, was 13,000-strong, and back in ’98 when they had it, there was 35,000.

CS: That looks like everything I have. Is there anything I haven’t brought up that you think people need to know about?

SP: I would just like to say, no matter if you vote for me or not, get out there and vote. It’s one of our civic duties. And, we do hold a special place in the world to be able to do that. And, no matter if you vote for me or not, just get out there and vote. Listen to all the candidates and see what they have to offer.

* * *

For more information, check out the Facebook group "Vote Stephen Pavey for Attorney General."

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