Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spencer Stevens Q&A

Interview with Spencer Stevens, candidate for SGA Vice President. His opponents are Dustin Blankenship and Ashley Green.

Note: Interviews with Kelsey Queen, Adam Pauley, Grace Hurney, and Spencer Stevens were conducted at the same time. Part of Matt Belcher's interview was also conducted at this time.

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Chris Slater: What’s your SGA experience?

Spencer Stevens: I have been an org. rep. for about a year, and I have set on six different committees through that period of time.

CS: What attracted you to the SGA?

SS: I’m a political science major, so that's my initial interest in it. When I was in high school, I was one of our founders for our Student Government, then I came here and I was just like, "This is really interesting." I came in as a political science major, so one of the things that the ambassador that showed me around told me was how Concord’s Student Government operated at a much higher level than other Student Governments. That just really got me, right there.

CS: Why did you decide to run for your position?

SS: I knew it was time for me to step up from just being an organization rep in SGA because I believe there are some things that could be done and I just felt like Vice President is the most tailored position for me, as far as organizing and just, scheduling, things of that sort. I'm just very good at that and I feel like I can be the best help in this position for the students at Concord.

CS: What will you do if you're not elected? Have you made those plans yet?

SS: I will definitely find another way to continue to be involved in SGA, whether it is applying for an appointed position or just continuing to be an org. rep. or a Senator of some sort. I do have plans to just continue on and to help as much as possible, with another position, as I can.

CS: What are your thoughts on your opponents campaigns?

SS: I believe that my opponents and I share a lot of similar views on a lot of different ways to run the office. However, I don't feel as if they are as in-touch with the student body as I am. But, as far as like platforms, we all basically have the same thing. It's just who's actually going to be a "do-er." That’s where we separate.

CS: What are some areas the SGA is doing well in, and what do you think they can improve?

SS: I agree with Adam, with a lot of things he said about people try to bring a lot of their personal issues into SGA, and I feel like that is a weakness. But, I feel like SGA as a whole, like I feel is moving in a good direction. It will require cooperation amongst the body, the Executive Board, to move forward in a positive direction at a constant speed, instead of being stalled out by people, with personal problems with either.

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For more information, check out "Vote Spencer Stevens for Vice President of your SGA."

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