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Korey Hummer Q&A

Korey Hummer is running for SGA President. His opponents are Matt Belcher and Rob Elsaid.

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Chris Slater: Let's start off with a little background. What's your SGA experience

Korey Hummer: Well, I was first created a Justice in Jessica Cook's last meeting in SGA. I've been a Justice for three years now, sat on many cases, helped out a lot in judicial affairs. Been working for the students for the past three years, through the judicial system, as an unpaid position.

CS: How many Senate meetings have you attended? Do you have any experience there?

KH: I've sat in a handful. Most of my meetings were spent actually in the judicial system, because those meetings range anywhere from half an hour, to - I've sat through 3, 4 hour meetings.

CS: What initially attracted you to the SGA?

KH: Umm, I've always been interested in government, and this is the closest form to a government that we can have in school. Going through high school and middle school, civics class was very interesting to me. So, I like the workings of it. It’s just intriguing.

CS: Why did you decide to run for SGA President?

KH: It had been in the back of my head for a little while. And, then, I saw the administration that was in here - nothing against them, or anything like that, I mean, they had the closed session. I heard students talking about the closed session, where they shut all the doors and kicked all the students out. I do not agree with that at all. I feel that the SGA should be open to the students and I promise, if elected, I promise as President, to keep the doors open at all times. No more closed sessions, kicking students out of meetings.

CS: What do you plan to accomplish if you're elected?

KH: Well, like I just said, open SGA up more to the students. It's a student organization, it should be for the students. I also want to get a more diverse group of people in SGA as well. I don’t know if you'd agree with this or not, but personally, I keep seeing the same faces and same names coming about time and again. That's another reason I decided to run, too, I was tired of the same faces, same names. I wanted something new in there. I also want to strive to create a "greener" campus. I've been - I've talked to Gary Thompson once, I'm trying to schedule a meeting with him now. I want to try and sit down and talk about ideas together. I like everything Gary's been doing, I’ve been supporting him 100 percent in everything he's been doing. But, we want to sit down and get some more ideas, create more ideas.

CS: What are you going to do if you're not elected?

KH: If not elected, I'm still going to push forward with the ideas that I have. I still believe in them: a greener campus, getting new faces in SGA. I'm still going to push forward with the things, if you will look on my Facebook page, I'm still going to press forward with it.

CS: Will you still be a Justice, if not elected?

KH: Yes. I will stay in Student Government. I will not go "anti Student Government" and try to disband it, or anything, if not elected.

CS: What are your thoughts on your opponents campaigns?

KH: I think they've run very good campaigns. I have nothing negative to say about them at all. Personally, I know Matthew Belcher and Robert Elsaid and I like both of them, very respectable people. And, I think, I've been very impressed with their campaigns.

CS: You and Matt are both [members of Tau Kappa Epsilon]. Are you running a friendly campaign, or is there a kind of "divide" among the TKE brothers?

KH: Yeah, it's a friendly campaign. I'm trying to keep it as friendly as possible. There's always that little thing that might come about, and when it comes about, we do talk to each other. So, we - I'm trying to keep it friendly. You know, with campaigning, it's very difficult.

CS: In your opinion, what are areas you believe the SGA is doing very well, and where do you think they can improve?

KH: Like I said, I think they can improve in opening the door more to students. I think, right now, very well, they are listening to students. But, I'd like to improve more. I believe they are accomplishing for students, but once again, I'd like to improve that with fresh ideas, fresh things to come in.

CS: Are you running with a ticket?

KH: We're not considering ourselves a ticket, but we are supporting each other. We’re not calling ourselves a ticket, because we don’t understand how you can run with a ticket when not everybody can have the same ideas. So, we disagree from time-to-time, so we decided not to become a ticket because we have different ideas. We support each other in certain areas, but disagree in certain areas as well.

CS: That's you and [Chris] Matheny, right?

KH: Also, along with [Josh] Lawson and Dustin Blankenship, we also support each other.

CS: How do you respond to critics, who say you don’t have a lot of SGA Senate experience?

KH: Well, I will agree with them. I have my experience in the Judicial system. But, that's not a bad thing. I see it as, I'm a new face, new ideas, different experiences from what the other two candidates are offering. I think that's a positive thing to focus on. I see their ideas and I commend their ideas, but I have my ideas that are different. And, I'm a different face. I think this face could change SGA and make it more open to the students.

CS: What role is Curtis Kearns playing in your campaign?

KH: Curtis Kearns is a friend. If I have a question, I'll go and ask him. I know the rumors that Curtis is running my campaign. That is a complete lie. He is not running my campaign. I am running my campaign. If I have any questions or anything like that, I will go ahead and ask him. Along with Matheny, or Josh Lawson, or Dustin Blankenship. Curtis is barely involved in my campaign.

CS: Would have you still have run for President if Curtis were still running?

KH: I was actually already going to run for President. I already had the paperwork filled out. And, I knew Matthew was running for President. He already had his stuff turned in, his name on the board. And, I had the paperwork filled out. And the first person I told was Matthew Belcher, that I was going to run for SGA President. I showed him the paperwork and everything like that. And, I decided to wait until the last minute to turn it in. It just so coincided that that was when Curtis removed himself from the SGA.

CS: There have been a couple other TKEs that have held high positions in the SGA, like DJ Boland, Jared Tice, Keith Pruitt. Have you talked to any of those guys?

KH: I have not. Keith is a good friend of mine, but we have not talked along the lines of SGA.

CS: This is a criticism that I've heard some people say, you're talking about one of your campaign issues is to go green, but at the moment you’re the only Presidential candidate with flyers up, which could potentially waste paper. Your thoughts on that?

KH: My thoughts on it, if you'll notice, every single flyer - and there's very minimal amount of flyers. You know, in past times, you would look in the stairwell, right here by the SGA Office, and it's wall-papered down with flyers. And, also if you'll notice, all the flyers are printed on black-and-white ink. That’s a lot easier to recycle than using color.

CS: You plan to recycle all of these?

KH: Yes, plan to recycle all of these. One, that's one of the issues that Gary Thompson and I have talked about is getting more recycling bins around campus. He's currently working on that as well. And, I think, I can help him along those lines.

CS: What are your thoughts about - I know in the past, some issues have come up the last time Rob Elsaid ran, some negative campaigning was brought up, using instances from his past. I've heard some people saying that maybe that would come up this time. What are your thoughts about negative campaigning in general?

KH: I am completely against negative campaigning. Once again, I told you, when I filled out the forms, the first person I showed was Matthew Belcher. And, I made it clear to him that I do not want to run a smear campaign, a negative campaign, in any means or aspects. I respect both my opponents fully. They're both great people, I do not want to lose them as friends at all. There are no negative aspects at all; I am completely against it. I feel like the best candidate should win based on their ideals and values, not because "Hey, look what he did, back 5 or 6 years ago."

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Check out Korey's Facebook group "Korey Hummer for SGA President" for more information on his campaign.

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