Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog Updates

I just want to give an update on what I'll be posting here over the next couple days.

I have conducted interviews with the following people running for SGA elections - Matt Belcher, Korey Hummer, Rob Elsaid, Dustin Blankenship, Grace Hurney, Adam Pauley, Spencer Stevens, and Kelsey Queen. I've already begun transcribing them, and hope to have at least 1 or 2 up on my blog by tonight.

I've had a couple requests from other candidates to get an interview. I hope to get something worked out with that that will be beneficial for all of us. I do have a life outside of blogging - believe it or not - and I may not be able to make time for everybody. Hopefully I can.

What some younger students may not realize is that this is actually my second blog. Click here to see all the details about why I'm on this platform, but I've been blogging about Concord-related matters since 2006. I've blogged about several elections and always tried to find new, interesting ways to get information out there. This is actually the first time I ever did interviews with candidates for my blog (as I usually did things like that for The Concordian instead), but I would do things like analyze Facebook groups, look at individual campaigns, things of that nature. If I can find some time, I plan to do a couple things like that.

After I get all the interviews posted up here, which may be as late as Monday, I'll post an entry that contains links to each of the interviews, a sort of Table of Contents for the interviews. It'll help make navigating it a little easier, maybe.

So, bear with me for a little while. I'll try & get all this posted as soon as I can.

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