Monday, March 29, 2010

Adam Pauley Q&A

Interview with Adam Pauley, candidate for SGA Business Manager. He is running unopposed.

Note: Interviews with Kelsey Queen, Adam Pauley, Grace Hurney, and Spencer Stevens were conducted at the same time. Part of Matt Belcher's interview was also conducted at this time.

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Chris Slater: What’s your SGA experience?

Adam Pauley: I was a Freshman Senator the fall and spring semester, both. I chaired Publications, am the current chair of Housing, and I have served on Budgetary twice.

CS: What attracted you to the SGA?

AP: I'm just interested in being involved, making different things happen.

CS: Why did you decide to run for your position?

AP: After I served on Budgetary, I really became interested in how our SGA really works, on like the finance side of it. I’ve always understood business, and that’s what draws me to the position of Business Manager. I feel that the Business Manager is the best suit for me because I have an understanding for it and I want to comprehend what there is involved. So, that’s the reason I’m running for Business Manager. I feel it best suits me, so I can better serve the students.

CS: What are some areas the SGA is doing well in, and what do you think they can improve?

AP: I think the Budgetary process right now in SGA is doing pretty well. Through both sessions, they allocated more funding for students, clubs, and organizations. As well as, officer pay was reevaluated, so I think that was really a bonus that we’ve had this year.

Something that I think the Senate lacks is a feeling of a cooperation. You know, we have executives and they're willing to target each other in The Concordian, week after week, but they prove nothing to the students, other than between themselves. And, I think when you have a lack of communication, you're not serving the student body. You’re not doing what you're supposed to be doing. Rather, you're picking fights with someone else and we're suffering. The student body suffers.

So, I think that communication and actually fighting for the students is what needs to be done, instead of fighting each other. It works a lot better whenever people can compromise and come together and get things done and changed, rather than just constantly put up a wall and just fight it out. Nothing gets done.

CS: Is there anything you'd like to add?

AP: As Business Manager, I'm really focused on the money we receive from students, because every student that comes to Concord University pays a fee. And we need to evaluate how we do our budgetary process so that we get our money to affect all students. That's why I think we need to works towards spending that money towards projects, also clubs and organizations, so that everyone on campus is affected. If I'm going to pay into something, I want to see what I'm getting. And, I think the rest of the student body feels that way.

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For more information, check out Adam's Facebook group - "Your Money, Your Vote: Vote Adam Pauley for Business Manager."

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