Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010-2011 Student Government Association Elections

Below is a listing of who is running for what positions in this year's Student Government Association elections. Oral campaigning has already started, with print/online campaigning to commence probably by the time you read this.

Matt Belcher, Korey Hummer, Robert Elsaid

Dustin Blankenship, Ashley Green, Spencer Stevens

Business Manager
Adam Pauley

Attorney General
Chris Matheny, Stephen Pavey, Kelsey Queen

Public Defender
Grace Hurney

Board of Governors
Josh Lawson, Emily Nordman

* * *

I'm not sure about the Senator race. I'm not sure who's running for that. If anybody wants to fill me in, do so. I've heard that there may be some issues with the Board of Governors race, so that lineup may not be official for long. I've heard one rumored "ticket" that's starting to form, but I'll wait & see what's up with that. I might have some more thoughts on the race at a later date.

* * *

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  1. Here are the Senators:

    Ashley Green, Cassidi Hall, Megan McCoy, Travis McReynolds, Kiwa Nadas, Karina Rahall, Erica Romero

  2. Who is Emily Nordman?

  3. She is in Alpha Sigma Alpha

  4. This came up on my facebook feed. Memories.