Thursday, March 25, 2010

03-24-10 SGA meeting & a few other notes

Before we start with all of the "SGA Stuff," I'd like to make note of this week's issue of The Concordian, Concord's student newspaper. Much better issue than last week. Check it out at

One of the best things I like about it, which you actually can't see on the site, is that they have been playing around with the header (at the top where it says "The Concordian"). For going on two years now, I have randomly vocalized to certain people how much I dislike the current maroon color. Yeah, it's the school color, but I just don't like it. Last week, it was green, in honor of St. Patrick's Day & this week it's a festive-looking blue & green spring-inspired theme.

I think maroon is a depressing color. That's just me, though.

One of the more interesting articles in The Concordian - for all the wrong reasons - is the article by Wendy Holdren about the SGA Open Forum event. The headline says it all - SGA holds open forum, no students present.

The SGA tries to paint the no-showing of students in the best way possible, as Business Manager Matt Belcher is quoted as saying, "The majority of the students trust the executive board. It's not that students don't care. I believe they have faith overall in the government. We offer to be transparent and students trust that. They don't need to come out to see that."

I don't know about that. I think the event had three big problems with it - the first has been vocalized by a few different people already: it was held too late in the semester. Second, it was held in the State Room. That's considered to be a "special" room. Students have been conditioned to not go in there unless they have a reason. So, any curious students likely wouldn't venture in there, because that's just a room they don't go into. Third, despite what the SGA is saying, this was not advertised well. I think the fact that I even forgot about it tells how well it was advertised.

With that, I'll transition to the SGA. I'll give a rundown of what happened at this week's meeting, followed by a couple notes about this season's elections.

* * *

The meeting kicked off with an address from Dr. Stephen Rowe, concerning money that was coming in to be used for renovations to the library & fine arts building. Rowe said that the WV Higher Education Commission had neither advertised nor sold the bonds that would be the revenue for the renovations. Rowe requested that the SGA put some students onto the "Library Renovation committee," and pointed out that the money likely won't come this academic year, as it probably won't go into effect until after July.

Safety committee chair gave her report ... had a meeting w/ Mark Stella, head of Concord's police dept ... right now, only one security officer on campus, but another has been hired ... in the past, there have been 4 officers total ... a Princeton Rescue Squad substation is on campus, but the PRS doesn't have the manpower to have somebody at it usually ... 18 cameras have been added around campus, with more to come ... Police are supposed to give a monthly report to the SGA, but one has not been given since 2001

Concord University Student Affairs committee (abbreviated CUSAC, pronounced Q-Sack) chair gave her report ... the off-campus policy conduct policy passed, which means Concord can discipline students for their off-campus activities ... SGA President Jeff Yeager pointed out that some students have been against this, but noted that Concord would only punish you for a crime off-campus where you are deemed to be dangerous or a menace to society, giving rape & murder as examples.

As a side-note, here's an interesting bit of trivia. The issue of Concord possibly punishing students for off-campus trangressions originally came up in a December, 2007, SGA meeting. That's when I was Editor-in-Chief of The Concordian. The meeting went into closed session before it came up, which meant I had to leave. I found out what happened and quoted an anonymous source in The Concordian to tell the readers what happened during closed session. A lot of SGA people were mad at me for a while after that.

The Ethics committee chair, Travis McReynolds, gave his report ... they have a draft of an ethics committee ... thanked SGA Advisor Dr. Charles Brichford for his help

The Election committee chair noted that the SGA election debate is March 30, at 9 p.m. ... There have been 2 election violations so far, and they will not be announced until after the election

The Budgetary committee announced the budget allocations for this semester ... with the exception of the senate voting to give the Film Society $800 instead of $400, all the allocations passed as the committee asked ... allocations are below (double-check these numbers for me, somebody...)

CU United requested $1500 and received $850
Alpha Sigma Alpha requested $1281.30 & received it
Pi Kappa Phi requested $1500 & received it
Gay-Straight Alliance requested $1500 & received $1258.10
Sportsmans Club requested $1500 and received $1081.22
Students in Free Enterprise requested $1500 & received $780
Alpha Phi Omega requested $570.27 and received $558
Concord Social Work Org. requested $1170.66 and received $0
Dance Team requested $1444.08 and received $946.68
SOAP requested $706 and received $0
BCM requested $1000 and received it
Circle K requested $1500 and received it
Dance Team requested $1444.08 and received $946.68
Reflexes requested $1395 and received it
Film Society requested $800 and received it, after a Student Senate vote

Some controversy came out as a student (I believe to be Jay Dee Estep...) requested to hear the reasoning behind each budget, as has usually been done in the past. Nobody associated with the Budgetary committee seemed to want to give that information, citing time constraints.

President Jeff Yeager gave his report ... noted that next week's meeting is the last to get in any legislation that requires a 3-week voting process ... gave a brief update on the committee he serves on to find a new Advancement Officer ... discussed the fact that nobody showed up to the SGA open forum, and defended the SGA's advertising methods

* * *

If you don't know who's running for what in the upcoming SGA elections, click here to see my list for each position.

I spoke with Matt Belcher, a presidential candidate, before the meeting. He requested an interview to appear in my blog, something similar to what I used to do with Concord's football coach. I agreed to do it, and that interview with Matt and his ticket is scheduled for Friday.

Since I'm giving Matt and the candidates running with him this open forum in my blog, the only fair thing to do is extend that invitation to the other candidates running. So, if you would like to be interviewed by me, and have it appear in my blog, get in touch with me somehow. Either here in the comments section, via Facebook message, text message if you have my number, stop in and see me at Pizza Hut, etc... If it fits into my schedule, I am 100% open to doing that and would actually enjoy it.

Keep in mind, though, it's not going to be a "fluff," PR thing. I am going to ask the general, "why are you running, why are you the best choice," questions, but I'm also going to ask Matt why it looked like he was completely unprepared to give that budgetary report and if that will be indicative of him as President.

* * *

Here's my disclaimer:

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  1. It was Randall Lilly, not Jay Dee Estep. :)

  2. Thank you. I didn't turn around to see who was talking. This is an example of "when you assume..."

  3. Since posting this, I now have interviews also scheduled with Presidential candiate Rob Elsaid and Vice-Presidential candidate Dustin Blankenship.

    All of these are scheduled for Friday, which is going to make for a long day for me, but if you're a candidate and would like to have your voice heard on my blog, let me know. Friday is packed, but I could squeeze in a couple more if you don't mind talking to me in the evening/night. Sunday evening is also a good time for me.

  4. I dont think it should be held against belcher that he did not lack the reasoning behind why he chose tog give X amount of money to each organization. The decisions were made by the committee and he just used an excell program to divide the money how the committee saw fit. next time, ask the budget committee.

  5. I guess the reason some people were so upset is that past Business Managers have easily been able to give the information that people were asking for. Usually, the BM would say, "This group asked for X, but received Y. The reasoning was because the committee felt [insert reason]."