Monday, March 15, 2010

03-03-10 SGA meeting

Just realized I forgot to blog about the final meeting of the Student Government before last week's Spring Break.

I have an idea for a fun test. I'm not going to blog about the meeting right now. Go to the SGA's twitter & facebook accounts and see if you can find out what happened. If you can tell what the SGA did on March 3, 2010, then their plan to be more transparent is working. If not, then they still have a ways to go.

SGA Twitter -

SGA Facebook -

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That looks like everything for now.

Here's my disclaimer:

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  1. I asked Secretary Weeks to post the minutes on the SGA Facebook account every week after the Senate approves the minutes. The Senate must first approve the minutes though.

  2. Actually Chris, Secretary Weeks cannot post the minutes on the page until after the minutes are approved by the Senate.

  3. That's understandable. But, that's usually a one-week process, and in this case, a two-week process. There needs to be more "unofficial" updates, like the following:

    "Today in SGA we discussed how to get recycling back on track on our campus beautiful, we also voted on the election rules which were passed, keep in mind elections are just around the corner, we also were updated briefly on the fastly approaching Spring Fling and more information will become posted as it is presented."

    That's a status update on the Facebook page from March 3, the last meeting.

    There's no mention of what the Vice President announced regarding the Spring Fling/Haiti situation. The SGA's making the students wait 2 weeks for something that could be typed into a status update in minutes.