Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Empire State of Mind - WWE

From the dawn of the 20th century, until about 30 years ago, professional wrestling was a "regional" business. There was no cable television, no Internet, no real way of having a "worldwide" brand. As a result, there were smaller promotions based out of a major city.

Dallas had a promotion, Minneapolis had a promotion, Tampa had a promotion, Los Angeles had a promotion, etc. As cable television came into prominence, it allowed for greater exposure and allowed one regional promotion - the World Wrestling Federation, aka the "New York territory" - to become national; and later, worldwide.

Being originally based out of New York City, their "home arena" so to speak is considered to be Madison Square Garden. All of their original big moments were saved for MSG. Even now, a rare trip to MSG is considered to be a special occasion. The present-day MSG events are treated as big-time events.

The video embedded above is a tribute to the greatest moments in MSG history. It was premiered at the most recent WWE visit to Madison Square Garden, November 16, 2009.

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