Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My unpublished Concordian story

If you recall, I did an interview recently with Kenny Osborne, the women's basketball coach. If you don't recall, click here and see for yourself. I wrote up a story based on information gathered from the interview and sent it in to be published in the final issue of The Concordian for the semester.

Wendy Holdren, Editor-in-Chief of the paper, informed me that there wouldn't be a sports section for the final edition, as my story was the only sports-related story turned in. Realizing a cool opportunity to have something unique for the website, I asked Wendy if we could post it on Wednesday came and it wasn't posted. I texted Wendy about it & she said she'd inform the Web Manager about it...

...Then the power went out on campus for four days.

It doesn't look like my storie's going to make it to the website, so I'm going to post it here. It's not much, but it's something.

Some random trivia ... If my memory serves me, this will be my fourth "unpublished" story that I wrote for The Concordian. Oddly enough, my other three were all for the same issue, in the Fall 2005 semester. It was the final issue of the semester, and I filled 3 "holes" in the unfinished paper, only to have all 3 taken out by the Editor-in-Chief. On the Arts & Entertainment page, I wrote a review of a Johnny Cash "greatest hits" album, I wrote a piece on the Opinions page, and I wrote an edition of my short-lived sports column, the "sportitorial" on the sports section.

The piece on the Opinions page was taken out because there was an advertisement that was supposed to go there. The deadline was approaching and I thought there was nothing for that spot, so I wrote something up really quick. It was a funny piece about my adventure earlier that semester about having to deliver newspapers around campus when the delivery guy called in sick.

I'm not sure why the other two were taken out. The sports column was kind of dumb, so that may explain that. The album review was pretty cool. I wish I still had a copy of that.

Below is my story about the women's basketball team. I mention their 5-0 record and their upcoming game. They won that one and are presently 6-0. They don't play again until Dec. 20.

* * *

Chris Slater

Senior Staff Writer

The women’s basketball team has started off their season on a high note, going undefeated through their first five games.

“It feels good that we’re off to such a good start,” Head Coach Kenny Osborne said. “You know, we’ve played very well offensively. Okay, defensively. We’ve got to get better defensively.”

Osborne, in his tenth season as coach, said that there was not a lot of pressure to start their season that way, but notes that it increases with each additional win.

“Every time you win another game the pressure’s going to mount,” Osborne said. “Because people expect more, other teams start gunning for you. Really, not starting out, but I think as we go along and if we continue to win, more and more pressure will mount.”

At press time, the team has defeated Milligan College, Bluefield College, Davis and Elkins, Alderson-Broaddus, and West Virginia Wesleyan.

Osborne said that last year’s 13-15 record was a rebuilding year, after losing three seniors. Before the 13-15 record, the team had back-to-back 20-win seasons and were regionally and nationally ranked.

Last year’s team lost their point guard to a knee injury three games into the season. Osborne said one of the keys to a successful season is to remain injury and illness free, but also be a little lucky.

“We basically lost a week of practice there at the end of October with the flu, bronchitis, and everything else,” Osborne said. “What I mean by lucky too, if someone sprains an ankle, hopefully there are four or five days before you play again and we can get them back. We need to stay lucky there and stay injury and illness free.”

Osborne lists the University of Charleston, West Liberty, Fairmont State, West Virginia Wesleyan, and Pitt-Johnstown as who he believes will be the five toughest opponents this season.

Osborne said the team’s ultimate goal is to make it to the NCAA tournament in March.

“Our goal, our main goal, is to be playing a lot of basketball in March, which means we made the NCAA tournament,” Osborne said. “You want to win as many games as you can, but I think you want to continue on into the NCAA tournament.”

Osborne said that if his 13-member team can remain injury and illness free, they have a shot.

“I told them, I’d take most of their Thanksgiving Break from them, most of their Christmas Break from them, and if I can take their Spring Break from them - which still means they’re playing in the NCAA tournament - that’s my goal,” Osborne said.

The team next plays Dec. 8, hosting Fairmont State. After a break, they then play their next game, Dec. 20, at West Virginia State.

* * *

That's probably my last Concordian story.


  1. I just remembered another unpublished story from my freshman year. Ironically, it was also about the women's basketball team.

    All of the "sports people" were unavailable, so I got called on Monday evening to write two stories for that Wednesday's paper - one on the men's basketball game that night & one on the women's basketball game that night.

    I wrote both and sent them in, with only the men's story getting published.

  2. my god, you suck. horrible writer. boring. poor grammar. no style. really. journalist? don't flatter yourself. your unpublished work is your best. you can't sleep, so you blog? fascinating. jesus, do us all a favor and get a prescription for ambien. can't write. not everyone is cut out for this. your leads are so cliche, so weak. really. you give "journalists" (a tip of the hat to your overuse of quotations) a bad name.

  3. Yeah, big mystery why they didn't publish your work. You suck. I really hate people like you...hacks who claim to be "writers." You are no writer, sir. Oh, yes, you're SO interesting. Please blog. Do it for the masses. On second thought...don't.

  4. I think I do overuse "quotations" too much...

  5. Wow. Some people are real brave behind an anonymous tag.