Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hate Mail

I had a couple interesting comments left in the blog "My unpublished Concordian story." Here they are:

my god, you suck. horrible writer. boring. poor grammar. no style. really. journalist? don't flatter yourself. your unpublished work is your best. you can't sleep, so you blog? fascinating. jesus, do us all a favor and get a prescription for ambien. can't write. not everyone is cut out for this. your leads are so cliche, so weak. really. you give "journalists" (a tip of the hat to your overuse of quotations) a bad name.

Here's the other:

Yeah, big mystery why they didn't publish your work. You suck. I really hate people like you...hacks who claim to be "writers." You are no writer, sir. Oh, yes, you're SO interesting. Please blog. Do it for the masses. On second thought...don't.


  1. A little harsh. I would estimate that the identities of these people remain hidden? Just remember that there is no such thing as a good writer or a bad writer - if people read it and either love or hate it, it obviously affected them. So the purpose has been fulfilled.

  2. I've liked your writing for a long time. I haven't always agreed with it, but you've always said what you thought or what happened and I think real journalism is missing that element.