Monday, November 9, 2009

Tweets from 11/4/09 SGA meeting

I'm running pretty late with the "SGA Blog," so I doubt I'll do one. I'll see what I'm doing Monday or Tuesday; I may write it then. Until then, check out some of the tweets from the 11/4/09 meeting of the Student Government Association.

If you'd like some additional "SGA reading" from me, click here to check out the current edition of "Communication Breakdown," featuring some thoughts on the SGA's attempts to "go green." Also, click here to see an interview I conducted with Curtis Kearns, the SGA's representative to the Board of Governors.

* * *

I'll start with the list of people:

@chris_slater - Me
@Goodrichk18 - Kelly Goodrich
@lewisb01 - Bill Lewis
@garytuba08 - Gary Thompson
@Rc9000000 - Russell Christian
@Biff359 - Sean Noland
@buckskeen - Buck Skeen
@SigTauGod - Mike Mann
@Babich53 - Richard Babich
@BagNadas - Kiwa Nadas
@QueenofAwk - Katlyn Amos
@Brittacious - Brittany Keys
@Weeksl08 - Lesley Weeks
@relsaid - Robert Elsaid
@boleyn21 - Ashley Green

There are a lot of people here who have Twitter accounts, but don't update that much. Most of these people didn't tweet during the meeting, but they were mentioned at one point by me. If their name is in parentheses before a tweet, that means they sent it.


"RT" means Re-Tweet. If you see "RT" before a message, that means I'm re-posting what somebody else said. You can leave your own comments before the "RT" in the message.

If a message begins with "@_______" that means it is a reply to that person. If I write "@buckskeen," I am sending a reply to Buck. It's still public and people can see my reply.

I'll post my tweets, in addition to everyone elses. Their tweets will have their name in parentheses before the tweet.

The tweets are below. The first one is from me, and was sent out about half an hour before the meeting started.

* * *

Waiting around for the @CU_SGA meeting to begin. My friend @Goodrichk18 couldn't make it today.

People are talking about APO & brought up @buckskeen. They were positive comments.

(Buck Skeen) Positive about me or APO? RT @chris_slater: People are talking about APO & brought up @buckskeen. They were positive comments.

@buckskeen You. Jenn Smith was talking to a new APO guy about some speech you made & stuff you've with the group, nationally.

(Buck Skeen) @chris_slater - Fair enough. It's just weird to hear "APO" and "positive comments" about me in the same sentence.

@buckskeen That's what I thought too. I guess the saying is true - time heals all wounds.

(Buck Skeen) @chris_slater - Either that or they're getting ready to start hitting up alumni for money. ;) I kid! I kid!

Sitting in the State Room talking to @Rc9000000 & @Babich53. 9000000 is a Senator & 53 is the "Sportsman Club" representative.

From @Babich53 - "Can u get on Facebook on that thing [my phone]?" Me - "Yeah." Him - "Can u adopt that turtle I found?" #farmville

(Russell Christian) Another day in hell ... I mean SGA #SGA

(Mike Mann) Lol. Senator Mann. Rules

(Bill Lewis) Thin crowd at the @cusga meeting

RT @lewisb01: Thin crowd at the @cusga meeting

(Russell Christian) Short and sweet reports today #SGA

Present today at @CU_SGA - @lewisb01, @SigTauGod, @Rc9000000, @Babich53, @Brittacious, @Boleyn21, & @relsaid.

Not at @CU_SGA - @Biff359, @BagNadas, @QueenofAwk, @weeksl08. Weeks is out from surgery.

Oops, @garytuba08 is here at @CU_SGA. Forgot him.

(Ashley Green) apparently tweeting during sga is the thing to do...dont see the point

I should have my Q&A w/ @CU_SGA BOG rep Curtis Kearns in my blog later today. Story will be in next week's newspaper.

(Russell Christian) Why does everyone think they have the pig flu when its just a damn cold

RT @Rc9000000: Why does everyone think they have the pig flu when its just a damn cold

(Ashley Green) I will say that I agree with what brittany said about committe times. though some people still wouldn't go...

(Russell Christian) Woot more drunk freshmen in the dorms but its fair to those who are over 21 #SGA

Motion for @Boleyn21 & @relsaid to chair Higher Education cmtee. Very important cmtee - remind me to suggest this as a Concordian story.

(Gary Thompson) yea that condemned room in the Carter Center is crazy, a whole room we could use to exercise using wrestling and jiu jitsu. MAT ROOM NOW! :)

From @CU_SGA Prez - commuter lounge not likely next semester, but probably next year. Sweet.

(Mike Mann) Maxwell clause. Maxwell was totally a sig tau..... So freaking rad

Guy to my right is playing Solitare on his BlackBerry. Ugh.

(Ashley Green) they need more copies of resolutions in old business. gavin rambles and I lose track of what the hell we are voting on.

Marjie Flanagan explained why @CU_SGA advisor Dr. Charles Brichford & @Biff359 can't be here. Dr. in another meeting, Biff in Charleston.

Amendment 09022009A finally passed. Requires opinion related to const. importance to be heard & published in a timely manner.

Looks like nobody fixed that typo that @Biff359 brought up last week about Amendment 09022009A. Still says "filling," instead "filing."

Campus cleanup this Sunday at 1 pm. See @garytuba08 for details.

* * *

There's some of the more relevant tweets. I may or may not get around to posting some more thoughts from last week's SGA meeting. I'll definitely have something written up about the next meeting.

As always, here's the disclaimer:

I import these blogs into Facebook. That gives me the option to "tag" people, sending them an e-mail notification. I tag people for two reasons - 1) if I mention you by name & 2) if I think you will find this interesting. If you are tagged and don't want to be, let me know. If I don't tag you & you'd like to be tagged in the future, let me know.

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  1. I found out what they were saying about me. Apparently a ceremony I wrote for our local chapter of APO has made its way into the National ritual book. I'm sure it has been modified all to hell, but I got the ball rolling on it. Kind neat. Just wanted to provide you some background.

  2. Thanks for the background. That's really cool.