Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some updates

I haven't had as much time for blogging and things of that nature lately. As most people know by now, I have moved into a new apartment. I'm still in the process of that move - there's a lot of stuff in boxes and I don't know where half of my stuff is right now lol.

If you haven't seen it yet, click here to see last week's edition of "Communication Breakdown." It's inspired by the new apartment. Click here to see a picture of the bare living room that Kelly Goodrich and I share. Presently, there are some boxes in it. Soon, there will be a couch and maybe a table. Maybe some other stuff. Not sure yet.

I wasn't at last week's meeting of the Student Government Association, as I had a couple issues arise. First, there were some issues where I work. I'm a manager at Pizza Hut and there was an issue with the General Manager not being able to work for a couple days, so myself and the other managers had to cover for her. I had to cover Wednesday morning.

My plan was to work Wednesday morning and try to make it to the SGA meeting, then go back and continue moving in to the apartment. Work ran a little late, and I decided to skip the meeting and move stuff instead.

I blogged the next day about how I missed the meeting and asked for somebody to fill in what I missed. Click here to see that blog. SGA President Jeff Yeager told me what I missed.

Speaking of Jeff Yeager, I interviewed him this Monday for a feature that will be included in this Wednesday's issue of The Concordian.

I did something similar a couple weeks back with Board of Governors representative Curtis Kearns. I decided that what he was talking about was interesting, so I interviewed him and wrote about it. Click here to see that story. Click here to see the Q&A from our interview.

The story about Curtis is basically an answer to the question "What is the Board of Governors and what are you doing?" With the story about Jeff, I decided to focus it more on his efforts to rebuild the SGA. When you read the story, you'll get a brief overview of his early SGA history, and then it looks at things that they have accomplished, along with comments from Jeff about restoring credibility to the SGA.

I interviewed Jeff about a lot more than just that. I asked him several questions that weren't factored into the story. All the questions I asked him will appear in a Q&A here in my blog. I should probably have that up sometime tomorrow.

Until then, here are a couple preview questions and answers:

Chris Slater: You were the Attorney General during the Wes Prince administration. How did it feel to - as part of your job duties - investigate your own President for impeachment, twice?
Jeff Yeager: You know, it was incredibly hard and difficult. Many people in the administration pressured me to not proceed. I proceeded as I saw fit with my interpretation of the constitution and bylaws; the interpretation of the Investigation Committee, that I led. I feel that the ruling would have been different if we had had more rigid ethical standards. The court, then, had a very strict interpretation and approach to our bylaws. But, it was very hard. Probably one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever had to do. But, I think, it in a way helped get a lot of maturity on my part. That even helps me with the Presidency to make difficult decisions.
CS: For all the negatives that have been mentioned about Wes, could you give some highpoints of the SGA last year, things that he or others did?
JY: Well, we took care of a whole lot of reform last year. We had a lot of judicial reform to make our system much better. We started our Ethical Reform. Wes, himself, I think, had great intentions. But, it just didn’t play out a lot of the time. Our internal reform, I think, was the key point. Because of Wes, we saw the need to have this kind of reform. That still continues.

So, there's that. We touch upon a lot more subjects, as you'll find out soon. I'd really like to do some more things like this, related to the SGA. I may set up some more interviews with some SGA people. If you'd like to be featured in something like this, let me know.

One of the things I've had an issue with about The Concordian has been the lack of SGA coverage since I left the newspaper. When I had a say in what was printed in the newspaper, I considered the Student Government Association the most important student organization on campus. There was weekly coverage of their meetings, in addition to at least one story every week or couple weeks about other things the SGA was doing.

I left as Editor-in-Chief of The Concordian and Steven Davis came in, and he brought in a much different philosophy. There's nothing wrong with having a different editorial stance on things, it happens. Steven didn't think the SGA was as important as I did.

He did start attending the meetings once he became the Editor-in-Chief, but I think that was mainly out of a feeling that he had to. Like he was thinking, "I hear that the SGA is important, I guess I should attend."

There was some SGA coverage, but for anybody who attended Concord last year knows, it wasn't that great. I discussed that in a couple blogs and Steven wasn't very pleased. That led to mine and Steven's infamous argument outside the Student Center. To the best of my knowledge, only Kelly was there for that. I don't remember many specifics, other people may have walked past. It was pretty loud and got kind of heated.

The SGA coverage hasn't been that great this semester in The Concordian either. I rejoined the staff this semester after not being there last year. Mostly, the coverage is bad because the staff is young and inexperienced, and most don't understand much about the SGA.

Will that change? I doubt it. But, I'm trying to put some SGA-related content in the newspaper. I understand how important of a group this is. Like Jeff said in our interview, he wants to make sure the SGA is not a farce. His actions and the actions of those around him are the first step towards legitimazing the SGA. The second step is careful and accurate coverage of what they do. That's something that The Concordian didn't do last year. It's something that I'm trying to do now.

That looks like it for now. I'll have that Q&A up tomorrow, in addition to some links to my stories in The Concordian. I was unable to get together with the football coach for the last two weeks, so it looks like there won't be a "season-in-review" story in The Concordian this semester. Maybe I can interview him next semester... if I'm on the staff then. I'm still not sure what I'm doing in that regard.

Questions, comments, leave them. I posted the link to last week's SGA blog earlier. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of that blog about tagging people on Facebook.

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