Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 11, 2009 SGA meeting

What happened? I wasn't there.

I missed my first meeting of the Student Government Association in probably two or three years. I was moving into my new apartment. Click here to read the latest edition of "Communication Breakdown," which was inspired by my decision to get the apartment.

I kept up with the meeting over Twitter. What did I learn? That Ashley Green wants the CUSAC meeting time changed. Other than that, nothing. Nobody tweeted. It's still going to take a while for "twitter-ing" during the SGA meetings to become commonplace.

For some "SGA reading" from me, click here to see my feature in this week's issue of The Concordian about Curtis Kearns. Click here to see the Q&A session I wrote the story from.

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  1. You missed my report on the Uni. Budgetary Committee. Basically, they are talking about ways to save money because the new Uni. Point took up all our savings. Some members of the committee (myself included) are arguing that we need to start going into debt to get new things on campus (like a new dormitory) while others (Business people) want to keep breaking even and keep the same product until the "recession" is over.

    Other pieces of news--they are wanting to cap people's hours either at 15 and charging a price for going over that or charging over 12 in general. I am in strong, adamant objection to this.

    For the rest of my report, I stated that I would be working with Marjie and Rick Dillon over the Commuter Lounge (more on this Wednesday), and CUSAC is now assembling on Fridays at 3, with Senator Karina Rahall as the chairperson.

    We also discused the dinner which Curtis hosted for the State HEPC Council of Students, and Curtis gave a fairly lengthy Board report. We had some very interesting committee reports from everyone as well; the committees seem to be doing their jobs.

    Without notes, that's what I can remember off the top of my head. We spent about a hour giving reports; there was no new business discussed. The only executives there were myself, the Parliamentarian, the Ombudsman, and the BOG Rep.