Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who covered David Bowie better?

Tommy Lee or Scott Weiland? Here's the original. It was co-written in 1974 by Bowie and John Lennon. It was one of Bowie's first #1 hits and the first single that really made him a "star." 

Tommy Lee is best known as being the drummer of 80's hair-metal band Motley Crue, but he has released a couple solo albums as well. His first, from 2002, featured his cover of Bowie's "Fame."

Scott Weiland got his start with the popular grunge/hard rock band Stone Temple Pilots. STP broke up for a few years and Weiland became the frontman of Velvet Revolver. After recording two albums with VR, he left the band and went back to STP. Weiland has recorded two solo albums, one in 1998 and the second - which features the "Fame" cover - about a year ago.

Neither cover is really that true to the original. Tommy Lee's has a couple extra "free-style" verses thrown in the middle, and more of a "funk" vibe. Weiland's was re-mixed by famed "deejay" Paul Oakenfold, and has more of a "techno" sound to it. It just depends on your tastes. I like both, but prefer the original.

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  1. I did the first edition of "Who Covered Better" in August and used Dave Matthews' & Johnny Cash's version of The Beatles "In My Life." Link is below -