Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tweets from the 9/30/09 SGA meeting

I haven't gotten around to doing the full-on "SGA Blog" yet, which is basically a recap of the meeting & some of my thoughts. There were actually two meetings on Sept. 30 - the regular meeting & a "special meeting," which was only called to approve the Homecoming Election rules.

No, it wasn't that simple. I'll go into a lot more detail later, but basically, a bunch of sorority members embarassed themselves in front of the entire Student Senate by walking out during the meeting. Over what, you ask? They were angry that they could only hang up 50 Homecoming flyers, instead of 100.

Yeah, I know. Stupid.

I'll have some more thoughts about the meeting probably tomorrow. For right now, I wanted to re-post some "Tweets" that myself and a few others posted during the meeting. Here's some background -


@chris_slater - me
@Goodrichk18 - Kelly Goodrich
@buckskeen - Buck Skeen
@lewisb01 - Bill Lewis
@SigTauGod - Mike Mann
@Biff359 - Sean Noland
@RC9000000 - Russell Christian


"RT" means Re-Tweet. If you see "RT" before a message, that means I'm re-posting what somebody else said. You can leave your own comments before the "RT" in the message.

If a message begins with "@_______" that means it is a reply to that person. If I write "@buckskeen," I am sending a reply to Buck. It's still public and people can see my reply.

I'll post my tweets, in addition to everyone elses. Their tweets will have their name in parentheses before the tweet.

The first tweet is sent out roughly half an hour before the 1st meeting, and the last is roughly an hour after the 2nd meeting ended. Also, Buck Skeen wasn't at the meeting. He was keeping up with what was going on through our tweets. Russell Christian was there, but he did not send out any tweets.

To give a little more background on what we're talking about, discussion of the "is text writing" issue arose due to Ashley Hicks sending SGA President Jeff Yeager a text message resigning from her position. When he brought that up at the meeting, Ashley said that she didn't resign, due to the fact that she didn't submit her resignation in writing.

The talk of "going green" was due to a resolution being brought up that would eliminate trays from the cafeteria. It did not pass.

* * *

(Kelly Goodrich) Well here I am again, sitting with @chris_slater in the State Room waiting for SGA to start. Half an hour early again, by the way.

RT @Goodrichk18: Well here I am again, sitting with @chris_slater in the State Room waiting for SGA to start. Half an hour early again, btw.

(Buck Skeen) @Goodrichk18 Are they serving drummies?

Brownies RT @buckskeen: @Goodrichk18 Are they serving drummies?

At the SGA meeting. Tweeters include @SigTauGod, @lewisb01, @RC9000000, @Biff359, & @Goodrichk18.

(Buck Skeen) @chris_slater Let me know if it gets loud in there. I'll make a phone call for ya.

Nobody's said anything about my op/ed piece about last week's meeting. SGA Prez Jeff Yeager "likes it" on Facebook, though.

(Bill Lewis) The senate gets a lot smaller today...

Gotta go to committee... RT @lewisb01: The senate gets a lot smaller today...

(Buck Skeen) Rulz! RT @lewisb01: The senate gets a lot smaller today...

(Bill Lewis) I have to poop

I did b4 the meeting... RT @lewisb01: I have to poop

(Bill Lewis) Senator just totally played down a students disability...WTF

10 SGA orgs lost voting rights (technically 9...) today. 6 are close to losing their rights.

(Bill Lewis) one had to take the "no more voting rights" walk of shame and hand over their voting paddle.

(Mike Mann) Dear sweet Jesus. I have to pee

Now's the time... RT @SigTauGod: Dear sweet Jesus. I have to pee

The Alpha Sigma Alpha rep is asleep.

Does a text message count as being "in writing"? That's the question in the SGA right now. More info later.

(Bill Lewis) @chris_slater absolutely...if a txt MSG isn't writing then what the hell is it? lol

Exactly. RT @lewisb01: @chris_slater absolutely...if a txt MSG isn't writing then what the hell is it? lol

Those don't count lol RT @Miss_Dani_Baby: @chris_slater what about drunk texts?

(Bill Lewis) @chris_slater like whats the distinction betwn a word typed on a phone or a word processor? Does everything hav 2 b hand writtn from now on?

(Mike Mann) A text message is an electronic submission from one person to another. Just how it is. She should be done

Guy stuttered while reading an amendment and said "do-do" lol

(Mike Mann) RT @chris_slater: Guy stuttered while reading an amendment and said "do-do" lol. I thought I was the only person who caught it

@lewisb01 Words are words, no matter where they come from. Is this tweet not real? That's what they'd want u to believe.

RT @SigTauGod: A text message is an electronic submission from one person to another. Just how it is. She should be done

(Mike Mann) It's not that I don't like hicks. She is cool. Dangerous path we r goin down

I think SGA should investigate the text matter - it would help clear up future instances.

I think the SGA is trying a little too hard to be "green."

(Mike Mann) I mean. They don't have the authority to get rid of trays do they?

Call 2 Question used very nicely this time. I'm glad.

(Bill Lewis) The student senate just had it's chance to lower the price of cafeteria food, increase it's quality, and b more green...and voted no. fml.

@lewisb01 I'm also surprised the tray policy didn't pass. I figured that would be very popular.

(Mike Mann) @chris_slater haha. I wouldn't let her get away with that little jab

@SigTauGod haha I know. I think I've put her through enough, though lol

Girl just talked about getting pictures in the yearbook. Where the hell is last year's yearbook!?

(Mike Mann) Almost cigarette time. :))))))

First SGA meeting is over. Small break b4 the special meeting begins. Voting on Homecoming Election rules is reason for special meeting.

(Mike Mann) One down one to go

(Mike Mann) This does not matter

The Homecoming Election rules are being reviewed. It's basically "busy work," but it needs to be done.

Hopefully it doesn't take a lot of time. @lewisb01 said he had to poop almost 2 hours ago. I hope he's okay.

Good job, Matt Belcher. Call 2 Question was again used effectively. Kudos.

Discussing Homecoming flyers. How many is enough? 100? 50? None. President & @lewisb01 want none.

Jenn Smith wants 50 flyers. Also, she apologized for spreading swine flu rumors. Read my Concordian article for more info on that.

(Mike Mann) @lewisb01 is not a fish. But does he like fishsticks?

Constitutional Question? RT @SigTauGod: @lewisb01 is not a fish. But does he like fishsticks?

The Alpha Sigma Alpha rep just woke up & felt like injecting herself into the discussion. I didn't listen to a word she said.

Wow. I don't feel comfortable allowing the Alpha Sigma Alpha rep to have a vote. She's a ditz.

(Buck Skeen) RT @chris_slater: Wow. I don't feel comfortable allowing the Alpha Sigma Alpha rep to have a vote. She's a ditz.

I think it's interesting that it seems like only the sororities want to have the 100 flyers...

After a long, drawn-out process, the flyer count will be... 50

A group of sorority girls just left in an attempt to lose quorum. I don't think it worked. The flyer count stands at 50.

(Buck Skeen) @lewisb01, @chris_slater, @SigTauGod Quorum has actually stuck around this long?!?

@buckskeen We had 2 rows of sorority girls walk out in protest in an attempt to lose quorum. Don't know yet if it was successful.

I should have an interesting "SGA Blog" this week...

(Bill Lewis) @chris_slater haha epic fail on the walkouts. We took a loss on the tray initiative but owned the fewer fliers initiative!! Sore losers...

(Sean Noland) It's a good thing the walkout failed. If quorum had been lost, it would have been difficult to comply with the timeline if possible at all.

(Bill Lewis) @Biff359 agreed...that was somewhat petty.

(Sean Noland) @lewisb01 self-defeating too.

RT @SigTauGod: Sga gives headaches. It's a proven fact

* * *

So, there's what we were all thinking as the meeting was going on. I should have more thoughts later.


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  1. I find it funny that Lewis calls trying to leave petty when he told people to change their votes on the flyer thing in the first place. tool.

  2. idk.. less time, work, effort and wasted resources on stuff that isn't gonna change anyones vote for everyone on an already extremely overly busy week.. I have done homecoming for a while now, and have friends who arent in orgs that run for homecoming. The majority of which just think that the flyers are an eyesore. i'm cool with 50 flyers. To Be perfectly Honest that's the reason i changed my vote when i did.

    Do not take these comments as laziness simply because i am posting my justification. I am still relatively new to the SGA game and still trying to take in the procedures that are discussed. I really was confused and thought that 50 would be the best course of action for us to take.

    As far as other stuff is concerned.. I really think that it's a dangerous path with the whole not accepting digital transmissions. But the whole reasoning for that is the technicalities that are involved with this process.. Once there is a precedence set you are kind of stuck with what you choose.

    I've enjoyed my time working with you guys so far and hope to continue to be involved in this process.

  3. It's real professional for SGA execs to be "tweeting" during a meeting, how rude. Why don't you set an example for the senate.

  4. The SGA is just like Concord, ALL JACKED UP!!!

  5. To respond to "Anonymous," you wrote -

    "It's real professional for SGA execs to be "tweeting" during a meeting, how rude. Why don't you set an example for the senate."

    To this, I'll say that I don't consider it to be rude. Also, Bill Lewis was the only SGA Exec to be tweeting.

    For one, he was only tweeting about the meeting (aside from the one about having to use the bathroom). Him doing so did not distract from the meeting & I feel as though it added to the meeting (for those who were able to see his tweets).

    There are some companies that consider Twitter a part of their daily lives. I've read stories about how during conferences, while people are speaking, a projector is set up to show the tweets of all those in attendance on a giant screen. That way people can discuss what is going on and get ideas out there without taking a lot of time to talk.

    Also, Senators tweet during Senate meetings and did up-to-the-minute critiques of President Obama's speech to the Senate. Nobody considered that to be disprepectful and a lot of media sources covered their tweets.

    People tweeting about the SGA meeting is a lot less disrespectful than people texting their friends, reading a book, or sleeping (which are all things I saw going on at the meeting where the "tweeting" was taking place).

    We're in uncharted territory here. I think Twitter can be a very useful tool, when used properly. It adds something extra. Buck Skeen was able to know what was going on. He's an alum and was able to follow the SGA meeting. None of them tweeted during the meeting, but I know some of my friends who also attend classes here follow me on Twitter & were getting my tweets about the meeting.

    What we did was open the SGA to people who weren't in the room. I don't think there's anything disrespectful about that.

  6. To respond to "Anonymous," you wrote -

    "I find it funny that Lewis calls trying to leave petty when he told people to change their votes on the flyer thing in the first place. tool."

    To that, all I can say is ... How are you gonna call Bill Lewis a tool on his birthday? lol

  7. I have to say I disagree on the Twitter thing. I think that there is no difference at all between tweeting your thoughts about the meeting and texting your thoughts to a friend. If the tweets were purely professional as in the business example you gave, it would be one thing. But multiple personal comments, such as those about going to the bathroom or going out to smoke, don't exactly fit that model. The issue that the Anonymous commenter was addressing is one of attentiveness and respect to the proceedings. In both cases you are doing something that takes your attention away from your surroundings and directs them to your cellphone. After all, the laws against texting while driving don't make exceptions for tweeting the weather conditions to your friends. It's my opinion that while tweeting isn't as openly dismissive and/or distracting as sleeping through a meeting, which I think is unacceptable and should be counted as an absence, it doesn't seem to demonstrate a lot of respect for the members of the senate who are speaking and the SGA as a whole.

  8. Now that's funny!

  9. I think you need to get on Twitter, Curtis. Be like the cool kids lol