Saturday, October 31, 2009

10/28 SGA meeting report, and the usual etc...

I had been doing good for a couple weeks with getting my "SGA Blog" out at a decent time. Not this week - it's late Friday/early Saturday and we're talking about what happened on Wednesday. Two-ish days isn't too bad, I guess.


Did anybody read The Concordian this week? If you haven't, here are some articles to check out -

CU Police Department Feature ... Editor-in-Chief Wendy Holdren takes a look at what our campus police do, and what that new "mobile police unit" (aka a trailer) is here for

Gunter retires as bookstore supervisor ... Wayne Gunter retires this Friday (10/30/09) after 36 years at Concord. [side note, I saw him today - his last day - walking around saying goodbye to some people. kinda sad]

New "CU" Shrubbery ... An article explaining the shrubs that spell out "CU" over by Wilson Hall. This is probably an example of why I should start attending the staff meetings - I actually know more about the shrub than is presented in the article. I have a lot of weird, random Concord-related trivia, and the "CU shrub" is an example of that.

Spanish Club back again ... It looks like "El Club" has been brought back. There's no word in the article if the club took advantage of that SGA "new club" money thing.

Weekly Dose of A&E ... The column that I created back in 2005 is back again. This time it's written by the A&E Editor, Jessica Fowler. There have now been five writers of this column - me, [a girl whose name I don't remember], Jessica Cook, Wendy Holdren, and Jessica Fowler. So far, Wendy had the best columns.

Where the Wild Things Are - movie review ... Wendy watched it & liked it. I also saw it ( ) and it was really good. Does anybody know if the Metallica song is based on the book? From the lyrics, it kind of sounds like it.

Letter to the Editor - diversity on campus ... Natasha Cline, a former staff writer for the paper, wrote this interesting letter. Again, an instance of me not knowing a lot about an issue until I read it in the newspaper. Use The Concordian as your forum. It works.

And, then, here are my three stories I had in the paper -

Mountain lions lose last home game ... The story I write from my weekly interview with the football coach. The full Q&A can be found by clicking here.

Post Office named for Chuck Marshall ... The mail room lady, "Ms. Debbie," as everybody knows her, got really emotional during the interview for the story. I think it's a good article. I've gotten some good feedback on it.

Communication Breakdown - "Ho-lloween" ... The latest edition of "The Breakdown." I talk about how girls degrade themselves by dressing like whores on Halloween. I've also gotten some interesting feedback on this one.

* * *

There weren't a lot of tweets at the SGA meeting again this week, so I'll just put them all in here. Click here to see last week's "SGA blog," which is set up exactly the same way this one is.

I'll start with the list of people:

@chris_slater - Me
@Goodrichk18 - Kelly Goodrich
@lewisb01 - Bill Lewis
@garytuba08 - Gary Thompson
@Rc9000000 - Russell Christian
@Biff359 - Sean Noland
@buckskeen - Buck Skeen
@SigTauGod - Mike Mann

@Babich53 - Richard Babich

Sean was at the meeting and didn't tweet until after the meeting. Buck wasn't at the meeting, but tweeted once after the meeting. Richard was at the meeting, but didn't tweet.


"RT" means Re-Tweet. If you see "RT" before a message, that means I'm re-posting what somebody else said. You can leave your own comments before the "RT" in the message.

If a message begins with "@_______" that means it is a reply to that person. If I write "@buckskeen," I am sending a reply to Buck. It's still public and people can see my reply.

I'll post my tweets, in addition to everyone elses. Their tweets will have their name in parentheses before the tweet.

The tweets are below. The first one is from Mike Mann, and was sent out about half an hour before the meeting started.

* * *

(Mike Mann) Ughhhh. Sga.

RT @SigTauGod: Ughhhh. Sga.

Yeah! RT @Goodrichk18: Sitting in the State Room with @chris_slater... half an hour before SGA... again.

Checking Facebook b4 the SGA meeting. @Goodrichk18 was singing "Mr. Jones," by the Counting Crows just a second ago.

Sweet. @Biff359 just gave me a cookie. Seriously. Spilled some Dr. Pepper in the State Room. I've got napkins on it. We're good.

(Mike Mann) Ready to Twitter mah way out of another sga meeting haha

(Russell Christian) Yeah another SGA meeting anorth yerar off my life

RT @SigTauGod: Ready to Twitter mah way out of another sga meeting haha

(Russell Christian) I have a short day though my report and bounce

(Mike Mann) Dr. Aloia's car is apparently pretty chilly

Haha RT @SigTauGod: Dr. Aloia's car is apparently pretty chilly

(Bill Lewis) election reform now Thursday at 3:30. My office hrs r Friday at 4.

RT @lewisb01: election reform now Thursday at 3:30. My office hrs r Friday at 4.

A lot of people are absent today from the @CU_SGA meeting.

(Mike Mann) I dunno what to "tweet" about haha

Same here... RT @SigTauGod: I dunno what to "tweet" about haha

(Bill Lewis) senator mann! booyah

@SigTauGod Tweet about being a Senator!

(Mike Mann) Bam!!! Senator Mann.

(Gary Thompson) YESSSS someone actually being environmentally friendly...down with massive amounts of flyers!!!

Akeya, the VP. RT @garytuba08: YESSSS someone actually being environmentally friendly...down with massive amounts of flyers!!!

(Mike Mann) /agree about the silly homecoming flyers. Doesn't change the outcome

@lewisb01 "Probably when you were in middle school" lmao!

Did anybody see The Concordian put in the pic of the @CU_SGA office having the "S" part of their sign off the door? The door says "GA."

Just realized that I didn't have my phone on vibrate. Sorry about that everybody.

Hmmm... @Biff359 is debating @lewisb01's amendment. Interesting stuff. Sadly, I bet 90% of the people here don't care.

From @Biff359 - "And on line 25, 'filing' is misspelled." From @lewisb01 - "hmmm... Yes it is." Pwned

I think I just saw a girl in here reading my "Ho-lloween" column. The link is somewhere on my twitter page.

(Bill Lewis) Anna is doing a really good job...marjie should chime in more often.

(Mike Mann) No controversy this week. Boring haha

Curtis isn't here lol RT @SigTauGod: No controversy this week. Boring haha

RT @lewisb01: Anna is doing a really good job...marjie should chime in more often.

(Mike Mann) Parlimentary sga. Let's do this.... Concord university House of commons!!!!

(Bill Lewis) that was way more complicated than it needed be...arguments about technicalities between bureaucrats r usually fruitless

RT @lewisb01: that was way more complicated than it needed be...arguments about technicalities between bureaucrats r usually fruitless

(Gary Thompson) business palace lol...most amusing thing I heard all meeting.

RT @shitmydadsays: "You worry too much. Eat some bacon... What? No, I got no idea if it'll make you feel better, I just made too much bacon"

Yearbook photos are in the Student Center for the rest of the week. If u don't get your pic taken, they will use your ID card pic.

Halloween Dance this Thursday. Homecoming Dance two weeks ago. Are we back in high school?

(Sean Noland) @chris_slater obviously 100% of them didn't care. Not even enough to correct the spelling error

(Buck Skeen) My autotweets from earlier must have effed up my Twitter reception. Here it is after 11pm and I am just now getting everyone's SGA tweets.

* * *

There were the tweets. Now, let's get into the meeting. It was announced at the start of the meeting that there were no minutes. That was because Secretary Lesley Weeks had undergone surgery and will be out of commission for a while. Her duties are being divided up by the executive board members.

The meeting kicked off with the SGA Affairs report, by Kiwa Nadas ... she was going to bring forth an amendment this week, but noticed a few kinks with it ... will have two for next week

Russell Christian gave the safety committee report ... he discussed the "Night Walk," that he, President Aloia, Jeff Shumaker, and Mark Stella had around campus ... announced that every parking lot on campus will be getting new lights ... there are also new cameras in the parking lots - infrared, with a 60% rotation

I'm not sure what "infrared, with a 60% rotation" means, but Russell seemed excited about it. I'm guessing that it's good.

University Publications committee chair said something about "updating the website"

This is an example of a bad report. What website? When does the committee meet? Who is this person? I don't know the answer to any of these questions.

Jenn Smith gave the ADA committee report ... noted that Rick Dillon was no longer looking to form a new ADA-related committee on campus, and would instead use the Concord University Student Affairs (CUSAC, aka Q-Sack) committee to address those issues ... in a previous "Overall Compliance Report" that Concord received, there were 11 complaints ... in the last "OCR," all but two of those complaints had been corrected ... Smith didn't have any information on what the complaints were ... her committee meets every Wednesday, at 3 p.m., in Subway Sides

Technology committee chair gave her report ... meetings are Thursday at 1 p.m. in SGA Office ... noted there was a "project we're going to be starting on"

I guess the SGA President also realized that this was a report that said nothing, so he asked her to elaborate on the "project." The committee is looking into getting a card that will be multi-purpose; you can check out books in the library, get meals in the cafeteria, get in & out of dorms, etc... It's something that the SGA looks into every few years. So far, it's never worked out. I doubt it will this time.

Jeff Yeager gave the Ethics committee report ... there are still issues they are looking over ... have the three amendments up for discussion

Multicultural Affairs committee report was given by Akeya Carter-Bozman ... did not meet the last two weeks, will be meeting on Friday (10/30/09)

Judicial Reform committee chair noted that the revised amendment that was sent back several weeks ago was up for discussion in New Business

Election Reform committee chair (Bill Lewis, who is also Judicial Reform chair) noted that their meeting time changed ... Thursday @ 3:30, in the SGA Office

Green Sustainability committee report was given by Gary Thompson ... discussed the conference in Marshall that he and a couple other people attended ... noted that most universities have a "sustainability director," which is somebody who finds ways to recycle & things of that nature around campus

Check out the "CU Go Green" group on Facebook.

Business Manager Matt Belcher gave the Budgetary Reform committee report ... only 1 person showed up to his committee meeting

Vice President Akeya Carter-Bozman gave her report ... thanked "Tim" for his help during Homecoming Week ... thanked everybody else who helped ... they only used 50 flyers to advertise Homecoming, since the candidates were only allowed 50 - "We wanted to go more green," she said

If anybody has any idea who "Tim" is, feel free to let us know. Her mentioning "going green" prompted Gary Thompson's tweet about being environmentally friendly.

President Jeff Yeager started off his report by appointing Mike Mann to Senator and Megan McCoy to Freshman Senator ... appointed Mann & [didn't get name] to the library committee ... he & Matt Belcher will have lunch with Interim VP for Business & Administration Charles Becker and discuss some issues ... his meeting with President Aloia has been rescheduled to the following Monday ... noted that Lorien Anderson won the top prize in the nation at a Shakespeare Conference over the weekend - "It shows Concord is doing something right," he said

Funny moment during Mann's appointment - Kiwa Nadas questioned his experience, which prompted Mann to say something to the effect of, "I was active with the SGA years ago, probably when you were in middle school." Mike's like me, he's been here a while. Also, McCoy jokingly raised her hand to vote against her own appointment.

If anybody knows who else was appointed to the Library committee, let me know. Also, if anybody knows what the Library committee is, let me know.

The SGA will vote on Amendments 09022009A, 10212009A, B, & C next week.

* * *

That looks to be everything from the SGA meeting. If I missed anything, or got something wrong, let me know.

As always, here's the disclaimer:

I import these blogs into Facebook. That gives me the option to "tag" people, sending them an e-mail notification. I tag people for two reasons - 1) if I mention you by name & 2) if I think you will find this interesting. If you are tagged and don't want to be, let me know. If I don't tag you & you'd like to be tagged in the future, let me know.

There is a comment feature on this blog & I don't mind if you use it. It's cool to disagree, as long as it's kept civil. Anonymous comments are allowed, as long as it's relevant & mildly profanity free.


  1. If anybody's interested, I interviewed Board of Governors rep Curtis Kearns for a story in next week's edition of The Concordian. It's a basic feature about what his postion is and what he does, with some focus on the "military policy" that will be presented at the next BOG meeting.

    At some point in the beginning of next week (Monday or Tuesday), I should have the Q&A with Curtis up in my blog (like what I do with the football coach each week).

    So, be on the lookout for that.

  2. Chris,

    I may be mistaken, but I almost certain Russel said the camera will be able to view 360 degrees.

    I also think the one tweet where nobody cared to amend the filing misspelling was spot on. I'm fairly certain the purpose of the amendment is understood and a waste of peoples time to argue it...AGAIN.

  3. Robert,

    360 sounds a lot more impressive than 60. Let's go with your version.

  4. The other person to the library committee is Freshman Senator Adam Pauley. The library committee will be reviewing the renovation project to the library in the spring. They will be working with the architect and supervising the hopeful renovation of the top floor.