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10/21/09 Student Government Association meeting notes (and a couple other things...)

We're coming off of an interesting Homecoming Week at Concord University. Actually, I don't really know, since I didn't participate in anything. I would have attended the parade/bonfire/pep rally on Thursday, but I had to work. That's the same reason why I missed the game on Saturday. None of the other stuff appealed to me. "Zomebieland" was a lot more interesting to me than the Lip Synch competition, so I saw that instead. I'll go on record as saying that Woody Harrelson is funnier than any fraternity or sorority member at Concord.

For those curious about the Homecoming events, here are some recaps from The Concordian:

Homecoming Winners ... Wendy Holdren gives a recap of who won King & Queen

Homecoming Game: Concord Wins Again ... My story about the football game

Tailgating at Homecoming ... Wendy talks to some graduates from the early '90s

Homecoming Dance ... Samantha Ricketts talks to Student Center Director Anna Hardy about last Thursday's dance

Lip Sync ... Liston Penntington talks to a bunch of people about the "skits" that Greek organizations put on

I didn't have an edition of my weekly column "Communication Breakdown" in the paper this week. I have the columns planned out for the next two weeks - I just need to actually write them. There was still some interesting stuff on the Opinions section even without me.

Rachel's Random Rants: Turn up the Heat! ... She wrote this random rant during the couple days last week when it was cold. Now, it's warm and feeling pretty good outside. It's still chilly at night, though. The weather right now is weird - it's been fluctuating a lot.

Letter to the Editor about disrespect for the music department ... A guy named Thomas Hilliker wrote this piece about what the subject line says. It's an interesting read. There are a couple comments on it already, one from me. He mentions feeling as though the football coach disrespected the band during the pep rally. I interview Coach Kellar each week, so I'm going to ask him about that the next time we talk.

I mentioned this in last week's "SGA Blog," it's important to get student input into the newspaper. If you have an issue, write about it and send it in. I didn't know about half of the issues in that letter until I read about it. I'm really surprised that none of the graphic design/pottery/etc people from the Fine Arts Building haven't written anything about the mold in the building. That would be the perfect forum. Somebody reading this, go talk to those people...

* * *

There weren't a lot of "SGA Tweets," this week, so it won't get a separate blog entry, like previous weeks. There was a new "SGA Tweeter" - Gary Thompson. So, that was cool.

I'll start with the list of people:

@chris_slater - Me
@Goodrichk18 - Kelly Goodrich
@lewisb01 - Bill Lewis
@garytuba08 - Gary Thompson
@RC9000000 - Russell Christian
@Biff359 - Sean Noland
@buckskeen - Buck Skeen
@grathwohl - Justin Grathwohl
@SigTauGod - Mike Mann
@ericproffit - Eric Proffit

Sean was at the meeting and didn't tweet, but he was mentioned once. Kelly wasn't at the meeting and didn't tweet, but was mentioned once. Buck wasn't at the meeting, but tweeted a couple times. Grathwohl didn't tweet, but Buck mentioned him once. Mike wasn't at the meeting, but did tweet. Eric is an alum. He wasn't at the meeting, but keeps up with the SGA, somewhat.


"RT" means Re-Tweet. If you see "RT" before a message, that means I'm re-posting what somebody else said. You can leave your own comments before the "RT" in the message.

If a message begins with "@_______" that means it is a reply to that person. If I write "@buckskeen," I am sending a reply to Buck. It's still public and people can see my reply.

I'll post my tweets, in addition to everyone elses. Their tweets will have their name in parentheses before the tweet.

The tweets are below. The first one is from Bill Lewis, and was sent out about an hour before the meeting started.

* * *

(Bill Lewis) waiting around on the sga meeting...very tired with lots of hw today, so hopefully it'll be a quick one.

Sitting in the State Room waiting for the @CU_SGA meeting to begin. iPod is covering up annoying conversation I'm listening to.

I'm flying solo at the @CU_SGA meeting today. My buddy @Goodrichk18 isn't feeling well today.

Nirvana's accoustic cover of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" is very haunting.

Even with my iPod blaring, it's not enough to drown out a certain @CU_SGA Senator Smith...

Listening to one of the few Pink Floyd songs I like - "Wish You Were Here."

(Bill Lewis) just discussed with secretary buying iClickers for role call and vote taking...much more accurate data.

RT @lewisb01: just discussed with secretary buying iClickers for role call and vote taking...much more accurate data.

(Eric Proffit) Didn't know @CU_SGA was on twitter. They should really tweet more.

RT @ericproffit: Didn't know @CU_SGA was on twitter. They should really tweet more.

A couple ethics-related amendments today at @CU_SGA meeting. Should be exciting.

(Russell Christian) @chris_slater lol i know right

(Russell Christian) Finish my report nothing left to do in SAG and a another safty walk at 7:30 tonight #SGA

RT @Rc9000000: Finish my report nothing left to do in SAG and a another safty walk at 7:30 tonight #SGA

(Buck Skeen) @Rc9000000 head of safety committee? People, @Rc9000000 *IS* the safety committee. His safety walks = TechnoViking on patrol!

(Russell Christian) @buckskeen i wish it was just me being technoviking

(Bill Lewis) Bullet points! Yes!!!

:) RT @lewisb01: Bullet points! Yes!!!

(Mike Mann) @chris_slater Have fun in that shit today.. too much homework for SGA for me today.. cant be unprofessional :(

RT @SigTauGod: @chris_slater Have fun in that shit today.. too much homework for SGA for me today.. cant be unprofessional :(

(Russell Christian) @SigTauGod take it eassy and dont work to hard

(Bill Lewis) it's actually the resource conservation and energy efficiency committee...

Green Committee RT @lewisb01: it's actually the resource conservation and energy efficiency committee...

I see a girl sleeping in here. She used to be the Envy Fashion rep, unsure what she is right now...

(Gary Thompson) don't understand why the senate has such a problem with carrying plates / saving energy ?

(Russell Christian) Lol RT: @chris_slater I see a girl sleeping in here. She used to be the Envy Fashion rep, unsure what she is right now...

(Russell Christian) My anouncement safty is friday at 3 and th walk is at 7:30 #SGA

(Buck Skeen) Asleep, apparently... RT @chris_slater: I see a girl sleeping in here. She used to be the Envy Fashion rep, unsure what she is right now...

Parliamentarian pwned @Biff359 a couple weeks ago, pwned the @CU_SGA President this week.

(Buck Skeen) @chris_slater I remember the time @grathwohl and I pwned Dr. Brichford. It's good to hear @CU_SGA finally has a worthwhile parliamentarian.

RT @Rc9000000: My anouncement safty is friday at 3 and th walk is at 7:30 #SGA

(Buck Skeen) @Rc9000000 needs to name his Safety Committee the "Brute Squad"

Yearbook photos will take place soon. What's going on with last year's yearbook?

(Eric Proffit) @chris_slater CU has a yearbook!?

@ericproffit They started doing one last semester & said it would be ready this semester. I've heard nothing about it so far.

* * *

Now, here's my report of the SGA meeting.

The meeting kicked off with Prime Justice Michelle Lusk giving a rundown of Homecoming complaints she received ... there were some complaints about Alpha Sigma Alpha putting stuff on peoples cars ... it was ruled that they had the group had to compensate for people who had to get their cars washed ... Phi Sigma Phi & Alpha Sigma Tau filed a complaint against all groups who had flyers in the wrong areas ... the groups had to take down the flyers ... Alpha Sigma Alpha won an appeal about points being deducted for not having their float in the right spot before the parade started

That's most of what she said. If I got some of the names incorrect, let me know.

Kiwa Nadas gave the SGA Affairs report ... their meetings are Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the SGA Office

Russell Christian gave the Safety committee report ... he finally went on the "Safety Walk" with Concord President Dr. Aloia, Physical Plant Manager Jeff Shumaker, and somebody else [didn't catch the name] ... The stairwell between Wilson Hall and North Tower will eventually be replace, Shumaker told Russell ... no word on when

Russell mentioned during his report that he would also be doing a night-time "Safety Walk" after the meeting. Basically, they just walk around and look for unsafe areas around campus. If Russell or anybody who went on the walk wants to leave a comment here about how the night walk went, feel free to do so.

Katlyn Amos gave the Dining committee report ... meetings are Monday at noon, in the cafeteria ... expressed concerns about the food quality on the weekends, noting moldy food and a lack of coffee cups ... Head of Dining at Concord, Randy Keaton, said he would have the matter fixed ... she is looking into the recent 5% increase in price at Starbucks, Grille Works, and South of Sicily on campus ... reminded students that they should not be paying sales tax if they are using their flex dollars ... if they are being charged sales tax, save the receipt and show it to her ... will be sending out a survey soon about cereal options

Shortly after being elected SGA President last semester, Jeff Yeager told me that one thing he wanted to do was make sure the SGA didn't go as easy on dining services as it had in the past. It looks like Jeff and Katlyn are doing their parts to make sure that is the case. Kudos to them.

Jenn Smith gave the ADA committee report ... the ADA-compliant pottery wheel she mentioned a few weeks ago, the cost will be split between the Housing Office ($1000) and the Fine Arts Division ($300) ... her meetings are Wednesday at 3 p.m., in Subway Sides

Publicity committee chair JR Davis gave his report next ... thanked VP Akeya Carter-Bozman for her help ... noted that they worked on Homecoming flyers for 3 hours ... the flyers will be recycled, he said

Housing committee report was given by Kathryn Alvarez ... the meeting went well ... will talk to Housing Director Rick Dillon on Tuesday

The way she gives reports makes me think two things - either she doesn't realize she's not saying anything when she talks, or her committee's not doing anything so she's intentionally vague each week. Either way, I can't tell you a thing the Housing committee is doing.

Brittany Keys gave the Concord University Student Affairs committee report ... she said that the group is no longer an SGA committee, and is now a faculty committee

I don't know what the difference means for the committee. The SGA Advisor, Charles Brichford, tried to shed a little light on the matter, but he didn't come across too clearly. Maybe next week, Brittany can explain what the difference means for the committee.

Jeff Yeager gave the Ethics committee report ... have 3 amendments to present at the meeting ... Jeff wanted to note that lines 18-24 in the first amendment should be deleted

Bill Lewis gave the Election Reform committee report ... they meet Monday at 2 p.m. ... laid down some goals for the committee ... looking into what to do if there are "dual winners" (somebody wins President & VP), "blanket filings" (somebody runs for every office), and issues with spending limits & funding for campaigns ... once those goals are addressed, they will be sent to the Ethics committee, which will then send them to the SGA Affairs committee, and they will then be sent to the Student Senate for approval

The Green Sustainability committee, chaired by Gary Thompson, was up next ... looking for volunteers next week to help recycle ... noted they already have some University 100 students helping out for credit in their class ... going to try and talk to President Aloia and find out where the potential money saved from going trayless in the cafeteria would go ... trying to organize a campus cleanup for Nov. 8 (a Sunday) ... will also speak with President Aloia about getting a reliable recycling program, potentially w/ work-study students ... is getting paper recycling bins in the dorms and computer labs ... mentioned a conference in Marshall

It looks like this committee is getting some stuff done. That's good. I didn't catch much about the conference at Marshall, if anybody wants to give more information about it.

Attorney General Bill Lewis began his report by noting another Senator had reached three absences and would lose all rights ... mentioned that the Residence Life Policy would be coming up for renewal soon ... made changes to Officer applications, adding a clause where they acknowledge that all information is correct ... stressed that the computers in the SGA Office are for SGA use only

I believe this is unprecedented in the SGA right now - two Senators got three absences and got their title taken away from them. The Officer application deal came about from Ashley Hicks and Kiwa Nadas putting incorrect grade point averages on their applications. Some believe that they lied about those GPAs.

Ombudsman Brittany Keys gave her report next ... received an inquiry about Zumba classes returning, and announced that they would be coming back in December ... noted that orange juice is only required to be available for breakfast, after getting a complaint that they didn't have any at dinner time ... received a suggestion for more fruit in the cafeteria ... Keys asked that if you see people taking away the complaint sheets to stop them

President Jeff Yeager gave his report ... he is still working on ethical issues with the SGA - "I pledged that I would do my best to clean this office up" ... investigated the extended hours with the library - some nights there would be nobody in there, and other nights there would be 20 people ... taking applications for Senator positions until Friday, Oct. 23 ... will have a meeting soon with Dr. Charles Becker about Concord University's Budgetary committee ... will have a meeting with President Aloia this Monday about a potential commuter lounge ... he will look more into the Religious Studies commission - "I will hopefully get this thing moving" ... he wants to speak with all committee chairs soon ... asked Marjie Flanagan for a swine flu update, and announced that there were a couple cases on campus, which were being handled ... he will not be here the remainder of the week, and neither will the VP, so Secretary Lesley Weeks will be in charge of the day-to-day duties

New Business:

Amendment 10212009 A, B, and C all passed. They were about ethical hazards relating to the President, VP, and Secretary. They will be discussed at the next meeting, with voting taking place at the one after that.

* * *

That looks to be everything from the SGA meeting. If I missed anything, or got something wrong, let me know.

As always, here's the disclaimer:

I import these blogs into Facebook. That gives me the option to "tag" people, sending them an e-mail notification. I tag people for two reasons - 1) if I mention you by name & 2) if I think you will find this interesting. If you are tagged and don't want to be, let me know. If I don't tag you & you'd like to be tagged in the future, let me know.

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  1. **Open question to anybody who wants to answer**

    What's going on with the yearbook? I got my picture taken last semester for one & haven't heard anything about it. Now, they're having pictures for this year's.

    What's up?

  2. The night walk, more of a night drive, went well. There are two big things being done to improve night time safety. The 1st one is more lighting in the parking lots, and the 2nd is they are installing a new cameras. The new cameras have a 360 view and inferred to see better at night. Several are already in place the rest should be up soon. And the third person is Mark Stella on both walks

  3. The housing committee has brought concerns to Senator Alvarez about the custodial staff in the dorms (whether the custodians are just being lazy or if the supplies they are using are inadequate), putting printers in the dorm room computer labs, and concerns about the dorms getting too hot because of the heat being turned on too soon. She told us that she planned to talk with Rick Dillion about this on Tuesday. Hopefully, we'll see some results at this week's meeting.

  4. Russell,

    Interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. Anonymous,

    Thank you for filling me in on what's going on with Housing.

  6. I got a Facebook message last night that answered my question about the yearbook.

    This year's staff is finishing up last year's yearbook and working on this year's as well. So, last year's should be out eventually.

    They'll also have a time set up in the Student Center to get pictures taken for this year's yearbook. If you don't get your picture taken, they'll use your ID card picture.

  7. I forgot to put in a link to see the Homecoming shirt this year. Here it is -