Sunday, September 20, 2009

Laundromat Blogging

I'm sitting here at the laundromat, with some time to kill. I have a couple points I'd like to pound into my BlackBerry. For the record, this is the 1st blog I've ever written from my "Berry."

If you'll recall, I attempted to write a blog the other day, but it got deleted. While I can't re-create the entire post, there are a couple main points from that never-seen post that I'd like to bring up.

The first is Concord's student newspaper, The Concordian:

I received an update on the computer situation. The hard drive was recovered from the "dead" computer. So, the programs were saved. We now need to see if they will work on the other computer.

I don't know when The Concordian will be printed again - if this week's paper will be hardcopy or only online. Keep an eye on my Twitter page Monday - I'll let everybody know what happens as soon as I find out. The link to my page is -

Last night, I couldn't sleep. I got out of bed and had an urge to write. I hand-wrote an editorial (a rarity for me) that I think is an important read. I will submit it to the paper to be published in this week's edition.

One of my roles on the newspaper staff, in addition to writing stories, is to work individually with younger writers to offer tips. I did this for the first time this week. I sent a staff writer an e-mail critiquing her work & offering some tips to improve. She seemed receptive to what I had to say.

That was enjoyable for me to do. I hope I get more opportunities to "spread the wealth" when it comes to what I know regarding journalism. I like this role.

I also wanted to touch upon a few points on Concord's Student Government Association:

Eric Lopez resigned from his position as Secretary. He is currently serving in an interim duty until a replacement is named, which I believe will be at the next meeting.

I've had three people tell me the names thrown into consideration. I know that Ashley Hicks and Kiwa Nadas have both applied for the position. I've heard the rumors that Lesley Weeks has also applied.

Of the 3, of course, Ashley is the most qualified. But, the question begs to be answered - Is the most qualified the best answer?

The thing Jeff and whoever else may be helping him make this decision needs to consider is who will work the best in the current Executive Board. Can Jeff co-exist with Ashley, given that they were opponents last Spring for the Presidency?

If the answer is yes, then Ashley is definitely the person for the job. If not, then Jeff should look elsewhere - Kiwa & (if she's officially in the race) Lesley are relatively untested in the SGA, but I think both could competently perform the duties required of them.

At the last SGA meeting, quorum was lost and they had to adjourn. Since that happened, is everything that happened b4 the adjournement official, or does nothing from that meeting count?

If nothing is official, then they'd have to re-vote for some committee members and appoint some senators over again.

That looks like all I can smash out off the top of my head. Remember my disclaimer -

I import these blogs into Facebook. That gives me the option to "tag" people, sending them an e-mail notification. I tag people for two reasons - 1) if I mention you by name & 2) if I think you will find this interesting. If you are tagged and don't want to be, let me know. If I don't tag you & you'd like to be tagged in the future, let me know.

There is a comment feature on this blog & I don't mind if you use it. It's cool to disagree, as long as it's kept civil. Anonymous comments are allowed, as long as it's relevant & mildly profanity free.


  1. Pay me $8/hr with 40 hours a week and I'll come back and write for you too ^.^

  2. I wish it were that simple. You're the best :)

  3. It's not as much an issue of Jeff not being able to work with Ashley--it seems more like an issue of Ashley not being able to work with Jeff. It doesn't take a blind person to see that.

  4. Your interview this week with the coach of Concord should be fun....They got the shit kicked outta them

  5. SGA President Jeff Yeager left a comment on the Facebook version of this blog stating that the business conducted before quorum was lost will is still official. So, the committees and students appointed to positions will still stand.

  6. To reply to "Anonymous," you wrote:

    "It's not as much an issue of Jeff not being able to work with Ashley--it seems more like an issue of Ashley not being able to work with Jeff. It doesn't take a blind person to see that."

    If the two of them aren't willing to put aside any differences that they may have, then they shouldn't work together. If Ashley & Jeff can decide to work together in the best interest of the students, then she would be a great addition to the Executive Board. If not, then one of the other two (or one...) candidates should be selected.

  7. Chris, I wanted to clear something up. I submitted an application, but it was by no means serious. Jeff and I talked about it last night; he had not even yet read it.

    And as far as Jeff and I being able to "work together" goes, I've always supported Jeff in SGA, regardless of what "side" we were on. I know Jeff is going to do a good job, regardless, because he gives a damn about the students. I have, however, publically acknowledged my fear about the budget as well as other certain areas of SGA because I've been here long enough and seen enough that I feel I can. Simply because I disagree with someone does not mean I can't get along with them. If that were true, I wouldn't have been able to function under Wes Prince last year.

    As far as the secretary postiion goes, I think Kiwa will do a great job. She has proven to be a hard-working and conscientious senator and committee chair.

  8. So when did the mighty Chris Slater "Sell Out" for liars?

  9. When did Ashley become competent? She flakes out every time something happens. Does anyone remember the SGA picnic last year? Problems arose and she fled, and now she is hobbling around acting like she is injured for attention. When will the wool come off from peoples' eyes in the SGA?

  10. To respond to "Anonymous," you wrote -

    "So when did the mighty Chris Slater "Sell Out" for liars?"

    I'm assuming this is referring to the fact that it has come out that both Ashley and Kiwa put incorrect Grade Point Averages on their applications.

    I'll discuss this aspect more in a future blog, but all I will say right now is that I did not know about any of that when I wrote this particular blog and I still don't know all of the details.

  11. Also, I've had confirmation from SGA President Jeff Yeager -

    Lesley Weeks is the new SGA Secretary.

    More information to come in a future blog.

  12. I don't believe Chris is a sell out, but I do believe he has been fooled like the rest of us by people like Ashley Hicks. The student body has realized that it participating in the SGA doesn't necessarily mean you are more "Qualified." Qualification extend far beyond experience. Most of the time we receive people who have no moral backbone, but hopefully this will not continue to be the case.

    Jeff yeager won the last election clearly because people are tired of immoral people. They may still be upset that the people we dislike are still involved, but nobody has stepped up to remove them from those positions. The student body's voice goes far beyond the E board, yet that is who is running the show once again. In the future it would be nice to remove all of those people from leading SGA, but for now we will have to deal with what we have.