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Concord Football - First Conference Victory of the Season

As I mentioned in a previous blog, The Concordian is only available online this week. Below is my story about the football team going 3-0 for the first time since 1989. Had there been a paper, I was told this story would have been on the front page.
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At this point in time, I've heard nothing on the status of the newspaper being printed. Either a new computer needs to be ordered, or the other computer in the office needs some new programs added to it. Something will be done, and as soon as I find out what, I'll let everybody know.

Concord Football - First Conference Victory of the Season

Chris Slater
Senior Staff Writer

Concord University’s Mountain Lion football team is 3-0 for the first time since 1989. The Mountain Lions defeated West Virginia Wesleyan 35-26 in Princeton, at the annual "Rotary Bowl." The win was also Concord’s first conference victory of the season.

"You know, it was at [Princeton High School’s] Hunnicut Field, which was a bit different," Coach Mike Kellar said. "I thought the kids did a great job of going down there and handling the different environment and treating it like a home game."

Kellar noted the skill level of his opponents.

"I think West Virginia Weslyan is a much-improved football team than what I saw on tape of them a year ago," Kellar said. "Very-well coached team, very physical. We dealt with some adversity during the game and played hard from start to finish and came away with the win. We’re happy with the win."

The Head Coach of West Virginia Wesleyan is Dennis Creehan, who was a finalist - along with Kellar - for Concord’s head coaching position earlier this year. Kellar said that Creehan is a great coach who has been around the league and knows what to do.

"Concord would have been okay if he got the job," Kellar said. "I think they’re better off with me, but Concord would have had a good season with him."

Kellar said he enjoyed the atmosphere of the different stadium.

"I thought it was a good crowd," Kellar said. "One thing about playing there, it feels like the crowd is right on top of you and it was a good atmosphere. I couldn’t be happier, a lot of alums came up to the game."

Not every moment of the game was a celebration, as Kellar noted that starting quarterback Zack Grossi went down in the third quarter with a knee injury.

Grossi had an MRI, but the results were not available at press time. Kellar said that chances are, Grossi is out for the remainder of the season.

"I don’t know all the details yet until the report comes back, but we’re obviously not going to have him this week and I don’t foresee him being here anytime in the near future," Kellar said.

Kellar said that what he would likely do is apply for a "medical red shirt" status for Grossi, which would allow him to be eligible to play for another year.

Kellar said that the starting quarterback position will likely go to either Steven Harris or Evan Dusoll.

Kellar gave credit to his team for managing to pull out the victory despite the circumstances.

"It’s a credit to the team to win the way they did, after their starting quarterback goes down," Kellar said.

Kellar said the key is playing from start to finish.

"They know it’s their job to play from the first whistle to the last whistle and they’ve been doing that," Kellar said. "That’s why they’ve persevered. If they’d have quit, we’d have lost that game by two touchdowns. But, instead we battled back and ended up winning by nine points, I believe."

Concord’s last winning conference record was in 2004. On having another winning conference record, Kellar believes that it is possible.

"I mean, I think we’ve got just as good a chance as anyone," Kellar said. "All the games ahead of us, the score is 0-0 right now. There’s nothing in my mind that makes me think we can’t win. We’ve just got to go do it."

Concord’s next opponent is the University of Charleston, who they play on the road. Last year, Charleston defeated Concord 42-17. Kellar said he believes both teams are better than they were last year.

"We understand the challenge,” Kellar said. “We don’t need to play perfect football - we just need to play well."

Concord plays Charleston this Saturday at 1 p.m. in Charleston.

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