Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Hair

I've finally gotten around to putting up the pictures & videos from the day I got my hair cut.

I'll begin with a little Chris Slater "hair history." I've had a few different hair styles through my life. Pictures do exist of me at 5-years-old with a mullet. In middle school, I had a "bowl cut." That was fun. I first started growing my hair out when I was in the 11th grade - early 2003. I grew my hair from early 2003 through my 12th grade year & into the summer. I cut it shortly before my freshman year at Concord. I went about 9 months without another haircut before I got it cut short before my sophomore year. I got something like four haircuts that year (like a normal person would) before I decided to grow my hair out again. That was in early 2006. Not including a few "touch-ups," I didn't get my hair cut again until July 31, 2009. Nearly 3 1/2 years later.

Here are some pictures and videos from that day (including my mom's reaction to seeing my short hair):

3 1/2 years of hair growth

View of the back/side

360 degree view of my hair

Going to get my hair cut ...
& some interesting "Locks of Love" facts

Before my hair cut

After my hair cut

My mom's reaction

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