Friday, August 14, 2009

First (and maybe last...) SGA blog of the semester

Concord University's Student Government Association is jumping on the bandwagon many say I helped popularize - Twitter. I wasn't the first Concord University student on Twitter, but I do think there is a cause/effect correlation with me getting on Twitter & talking about it constantly in person/blogs & the rise in Concord students/administrators getting Twitter accounts shortly thereafter.

Concord's SGA account can be found here -

This is another step in President Jeff Yeager's vow for more SGA transparency. In addition to the Twitter account, Jeff updates a blog with SGA-related matters. Concord's Board of Governors Representative Curtis Kearns also maintains an SGA-related blog.

They give students an inside look into what two of our high-ranking officials are thinking. Curtis has written about this in his blog, and Jeff personally told me - Concord's President, Dr. Gregory Aloia, reads both blogs.

I'm not sure what the SGA Twitter account will be used for. I definitely think it will link blogs from Curtis & Jeff. I assume it will serve as a reminder to when meetings are held. Perhaps committee times could be posted there as well. Maybe some stuff regarding resolutions & amendments & things of that nature can be incorporated into it as well. The possibilities are really endless.

I'm not sure who's running the Twitter account. The President? Attorney General? Secretary? Multiple people?

Another example of the SGA striving for transparency is Bill Lewis' YouTube video promising as much. It looks to be the first in a series of videos from the SGA's Attorney General. In it he discusses some committees and things they are going to work on. He also shows off his new lip ring. The video is embedded at the end of this post.

So, it looks to be a pretty interesting upcoming year for Concord University and the Student Government. I'm still debating on how involved I'm going to be with all of it. I'm still unsure of how much of a student I want to be this semester. I have some - small, but exciting - job opportunities coming up, plus an outside venture I want to explore. I'm also having the usual back-and-forth haggling with the financial aid office.

I'll eventually figure out what I'm doing and let everybody know. And, yes, I realize I need to figure it out soon, since the semester starts in less than a week.

As a last note, click here to read Wendy Holdren's coverage of Concord's University Point "Press Day" event. I found it on the website a couple days ago.


  1. For those curious, here are the links to Jeff Yeager's & Curtis Kearn's blogs -

    Jeff Yeager's "From the President's Desk"

    Curtis Kearn's "CU Discord"

  2. Also, here's what my long-time Concord roommate Pat Keys (aka @thecomet89) said on Twitter after I sent out a Tweet telling everybody about the SGA's account:

    @thecomet89: @chris_slater OMG the SGA is getting things done...i must say i am very plzed with the way mr. prez is dealing with stuff

  3. Thx 4 mentioning me in your blog as we gear up 4 a 3rd yeah as Concord roomates. I am very pleased with the way Jeff Yeager (Mr. Prez)He is really a great president and a hell of alot better then that last know the guy we always made fun about..but seriously I hope Jeff and the SGA gang keep it up because I am very proud of em....hope they keep up the good work...anyways i leave wit a link 2 the wrestling company i will be working with.

  4. OK so it aint a link but just type it in

  5. Here's what SGA Faculty Senate Representative Ashley Green wrote on this blog's imported version on Facebook:

    "my phone won't let me comment on blogspot for some reason, so I'll post this here...
    just to be sure credit is given where due, attorney general bill lewis created the twitter account. As for who is running it...all SGA executives are getting the username and password, so anyone can update."