Thursday, June 4, 2009

Several small thoughts = one big blog

I have a few thoughts running through my head & I feel like putting them down in blog-form. Just to forewarn anybody, yes, I will be talking about wrestling. But, I'm also going to talk about other stuff. So, if you're like most people, just skim through the wrestling content and absorb the other stuff.

* * *

I have yet to find a new job. I'm presently still working at Pizza Hut. And, yes, I hate it. I love most of the people there and enjoy interacting with my friends, but it's time for me to move on to something else. It's a fun job to have for a little while, but I've gone back-and-forth to this job for about 5 years now. For a while, I thought being offered a management position would appease me, but now I don't even want that. I just don't want to be there anymore and hopefully I'll find something better.

In the next couple days or so, I'm going to contact Tammie Toler, Editor-in-Chief of the Princeton Times to see about writing for the paper again. If there's room in the budget, I'll be back. It's just a matter of me calling up and seeing if there's a spot for me.

The Princeton Times - at least in the capacity I worked with them before - isn't a full-time job. So, I'd still need something else to go along with that. I guess we'll see what happens with my job hunt in the next couple weeks.

For anybody curious, Pizza Hut will begin selling small pizzas shortly. Presently, Pizza Hut only sells personal pan (4 slices), medium (8 slices), and large (12 slices). I don't know when the 6-slice small will begin selling. Probably in the next week or so.

* * *

Here's something random - I thought about doing this as a full blog, but I realized I didn't really have enough content for a larger blog. I bought an issue of "SPIN Magazine" and was going to write a blog titled "Things I learned from this month's SPIN Magazine." But, to be honest, there really wasn't enough interesting things to learn. But, I did learn 3 things. I knew about my number 1 already, but I didn't have any details, so I learned some details. Number 2 was completely new to me. Number 3 was kind of surprising.

1) Jack White has a new band, "The Dead Weather." He plays drums and occasionally sings. Other band members include Jack Lawrence (from White's other band, "The Ranconteurs"), Dean Fertita (who used to be in The Raconteurs), and lead singer Alison Mosshart.

2) Justin Hawkins, the guy from "The Darkness," has a new band. The Darkness broke through in 2003 with their hit "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" and seemed poised to become big stars. But, Hawkins developed a drug problem, sending him to rehab and causing the band to break up. He's looking for a second chance with his new band, "Hot Leg."

3) SPIN Magazine likes Green Day's new album "21st Century Breakdown." But, they don't like it as much as I thought they would. They complain that while Green Day set off to do an ambitious project, it winds up sounding too familiar in the end. I'll buy the album. I love Green Day and thought their 2004 album "American Idiot" was amazing.

So, yeah, those are the 3 things I learned from SPIN Magazine. I'll look through it a little more closely and see if there's anything else I learned. If there is, I'll let you know.

* * *

I finished Larry King's autobiography "My Remarkable Journey" a couple days ago. It was a great book. Larry King is 75 and has had a pretty interesting life. He was born Larry Zeiger, he never went to college, he has been married 8 times, he was arrested in the '70s, he had a son he never met until the son was 33, and he presently has two children under the age of 10. Great life.

King also give a lot of good advice for any aspiring journalists out there. He has some good tips any good interviewer should know.

* * *

I recently watched the WWE-produced "Greatest Stars of the '90s" dvd. I posted a 140-character review on my Twitter account recently:

The "Greatest Stars of the '90s" dvd was pretty good. WWE left out a few people, but did a good job covering those they chose.
9:32 AM Jun 3 from web

That's pretty much how I feel about it. For the people they profiled, they had great bios of the wrestlers. It's a 3-disk set, with the first disk being the profiles and the other two containing matches. I haven't watched any of the other two disks, but I have seen some of the matches before. The ones I have seen were good, and the others look good as well.

It had the potential to be a lot more, but for what it is, it's very good.

* * *

Nope, not done with wrestling yet. You're not off the hook yet.

Last summer, World Wrestling Entertainment changed a major part of their business model - they changed their television rating from TV-14 to TV-PG. They made a very conscious and public decision to change their product to a more family-oriented product, that was especially more appealing for young children.

Yeah, there's still simulated violence and scantily-clad ladies running around, but they made some key changes - less profanity, less blood, less provocative situations for the ladies, and similar things of that nature.

There are two situations that have come up in the last few weeks that have not been very "family-friendly." One situation concerns WWE announcer, Matt Striker, and the other deals with WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Regarding Striker, alleged nude photos of him have surfaced online. According to the reports, he took some photographs of his penis with a cell phone and sent them to somebody. They then spread from there.

Click here to read an article looking at this. Don't worry, there are no pictures of his penis in the article. However, it does have a link you can go to that does contain the pictures. So, click at your own risk.

For anybody curious, Striker was a former Social Studies teacher in New York before joining WWE. He would teach classes and wrestle on the side. He got fired in 2005 for using sick days in order to wrestle in Japan. WWE hired him shortly after the incident, which actually received a lot of media attention. He wrestled until transitioning to being an announcer earlier this year.

The second incident involves Randy Orton being interviewed during WWE's recent tour of Mexico. The tour was called off about a month ago, after the swine flu outbreak, but was back on after it was realized swine flu wasn't as bad as initially thought.

The interview actually starts off pretty boring. The guy doing the interview asks Orton what he eats for breakfast, and Orton gives this uninteresting answer about how he likes omelets with mushrooms, onions, and ham. It gets interesting when the interviewer points out some injuries Orton has suffered in the past and refers to the WWE Champ as "fragile."

Orton's respons starts off as being classic "wrestling bad guy 101." Orton takes the guy's glasses off him and throws them, saying that those are fragile. However, that wasn't the end of it. Orton, the top star of a TV-PG company gets in this guy's face and asks, "You wanna talk shit to me?" Orton yells at the guy several times to look at him and adds "Call me fragile again! I will headbutt your teeth through your skull!" before he walks off the set.

Click here to see it for yourself. Most of the video is in Spanish, although the guy doing the interview speaks English. It gets pretty intense.

As a bonus, click here to see a video from 2007 where Randy Orton is asking fans outside an arena for a cigarette.

* * *

I hate to constantly pimp my Twitter page (did you see how easy it was for me to lie right there? lol) but I felt like posting some of my Tweets from my account here. I think Twitter is a great social-networking medium. I'm hoping that if I put some of my Tweets up here as an example, it may encourage others to give it a try.

I mentioned this in a previous blog, but Twitter is so interesting. You really have to be creative to use Twitter - it's so much more than just a simple "status update." It's a box with a 140-character limit. You can fill that box any way you see fit. You can update your status, you can post links, you can post uplifting quotes, you can reply to people and have conversations via Tweets, you can post pictures, you can post breaking news updates, you can do ANYTHING on Twitter.

Below are some of mine. The Tweets with somebody's name (@_____) at the beginning are a reply to that person. A Tweet with "RT" in front of it stands for "Re-Tweet." It means I took somebody else's Tweet and posted it on my profile. I'll sometimes post my own reply before the "RT."

Made it to my grandpa's about an hour ago. I'm having fun.
7:08 PM May 26th from txt

Day 2 of the trip. Nothing has happened yet. Should be an exciting day.
12:28 PM May 27th from txt

Day 3 of the vacation. Great-aunt janet will be cooking dinner tonight. Should be delicious!
1:51 PM May 28th from txt

Day 4. Trip is over - on the way back home.
5:22 PM May 29th from txt

Eating "Mr. Bee" potato chips. I can only get them at my grandpa's. They're awesome!
8:24 PM May 29th from web

RT @KFUCKINGP Shamwow can't even help the ladies when I'm around.
8:37 PM May 29th from web

Breaking news: pizza hut in princeton will begin selling small pizzas. B4 it was just personal pan, medium & large.
12:02 AM May 30th from txt

YES!!! RT @Fluffy_Cupycake i miss being a little kid and hiding in the clothing racks.. hahaha
1:02 AM May 31st from web

@buckskeen LOL I haven't seen a pineapple haircut since I was in the 7th grade!
1:08 AM May 31st from web in reply to buckskeen

Listening to "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." McCartney wrote it. Lennon called it a "granny song." I think it's cute.
1:36 AM May 31st from web

Abbey Road is a great Beatles album. I don't know if I have a favorite album, but this one is great from top-to-bottom.
1:37 AM May 31st from web

@monica_m_ Revolver is another one of my fave Beatles albums. Magical Mystery Tour is great too. Although, I really like all of them.
1:42 AM May 31st from web in reply to monica_m_

Follow @NASA - you'll look smarter if you do
4:52 AM May 31st from web

Pizza Hut is on twitter - @pizzahut
10:12 AM May 31st from web

Somebody remind me to buy deodorant. Looks like i'm down to just a couple days on this stick.
10:56 AM May 31st from web

@mike_stanton i've been thinking about doing the radio wkshp. Sounds like fun.
1:44 PM May 31st from web

@mike_stanton i'll look into that. I'd probably talk about stuff i write in my blogs & interview sga people.
1:51 PM May 31st from web

@mike_stanton if i were gonna do it, i'd go all out. I'm def gonna think about doing it.
1:57 PM May 31st from web

Name a vegetable that rocks? Elvis Parsley. @houseoffists told me that lame joke.
5:38 PM May 31st from web

Listening to ''jump, jive, wail.'' Anybody remember the swing revival from 99?
8:11 PM May 31st from web

YEAH! RT @ericproffit I do! It was great! RT @chris_slater: Listening to ''jump, jive, wail.'' Anybody remember the swing revival from 99?
11:55 PM May 31st from web

Top 10 PIXAR voice artists -
12:36 AM Jun 1st from web

1:56 AM Jun 1st from web - me in 2006 ... thinking about cutting my hair again ... should i?
2:33 AM Jun 1st from web

Just passed former concord vp michael curry on stafford drive. I always liked him. Felt 4 him when he lost his job.
8:07 PM Jun 1st from web

I think ''year one'' looks so ridiculous that it might actually be funny.
12:16 AM Jun 2nd from web

@katiewest I saw the longest mullet on this 7-year-old redneck kid. He had to be growing that at least 3/4 of his life.
2:21 AM Jun 2nd from web in reply to katiewest

Trailer for "Funny People" - - looks good!
3:22 AM Jun 2nd from web

Dwayne Johnson's next move looks interesting ... http://bit.ly8nWKo
3:38 AM Jun 2nd from web

The Rock plays the astronaut in "Planet 51" for anybody curious. It looks kind of cute.
3:47 AM Jun 2nd from web

I just realized I could spell my last name "sl8er." I'm not going to do that, but I like having the option.
5:23 AM Jun 2nd from web

Seen the KFC grilled chicken commercial w/ the stereotypical asians? Surprised people haven't complained.
10:45 PM Jun 2nd from txt

It's so hard to believe it's going on 10 years since the initial hardy boys/edge & christian ladder match.
10:57 PM Jun 2nd from txt

RT @SamoaJoe Just left Boise State training facility was told I have torn my tricep in addition to broken fingers. Sweet!.....
about 19 hours ago from web - Bored out of my mind at McDonalds at 9:30 a.m.
about 18 hours ago from TwitPic

Talked to @Goodrichk18. She asked about my day. I told her to check my tweets.
about 8 hours ago from txt

* * *

Well, that's everything. To close, check out this funny commercial - - it's the guy from the ShamWow commercial, but he's got a new product, the "Slap Chop." Best line of the commercial - "You'll love my nuts."


  1. Here are two blogs from Baltimore Sun sports writer Kevin Eck looking at the Randy Orton incident:

    The first looks at the incident itself, with Eck wondering if this is for real or a publicity stunt staged by Orton & WWE.

    The reason a lot of people believe this is real is because Orton has admitted in the past to having anger management problems. In 2006, Orton famously trashed a hotel room during a WWE overseas tour and was suspended and not allowed to return as a wrestler until he completed anger management classes.

    The second link is Eck noting that WWE has come out and said the incident was staged.

    With this, there's some speculation that this is a PR move for WWE. Saying something is staged is an easy thing to do with wrestling, since pretty much everything is staged. Saying that it wasn't real is a good way to get out of explaining why Orton flipped out and almost attacked a man a foot smaller than him.

  2. Reading your Beatles related Tweets made me wonder if you'd seen this:

  3. Barbie,

    I remember hearing about a ranking of every single Beatles song, but I had never seen it. Thanks for the link.