Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My trip to Ripley - photos & videos (part 1)

I went to my grandpa's house 3 weeks ago. I brought along my friend, Kelly. We took some pictures and made several videos (or "vlogs") during the trip. Below is part 1 of the photos & videos. We kept the vlogs as a sort of diary of the trip. We took random pictures whenever we thought of it. I'll help explain in the caption for each video or picture.

Here's all the people we encounter - my grandpa (who is referred to as "Pap"), my mom, my great-aunt Janet, my great-uncle Buck, my great-uncle Bud, & my cousin Jessica.

Warning - there is a lot of profanity in these videos. Especially from Kelly.


That video was shot outside Kelly's house. We got some gas and hit the road. It was a beautiful day:

This picture was too funny - we had to include. Little did we know that we would see something even more awesome a few hours down the road:

Kelly takes a picture of us before the trip kicks into gear:

We're in Princeton, getting ready to get on the interstate. We're at a red light, so I start blowing my nose. Well, the light turns green & I have to start going. My nose is still runny, as you'll see in part 2...
To be continued...

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