Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Monday, April 18, was the first day of summer break for me. I celebrated by sleeping until 4 p.m. and doing nothing. That looks to be my schedule for the next few days. Hopefully not, but I'm not holding out much hope...

I did have plans this week to visit my mother & grandfather, but my mom had me reschedule ... which has messed up the next few weeks for me. Thanks, mom. More on that in a minute.

I guess I'll discuss my current living situation for anybody interested. In my old blog, I wrote last summer about how I was staying in my mom's old apartment by myself while she and her boyfriend, Tim, were having a "trial-run" of living together. Well, they decided to live together & I decided to move back into the dorms, as I didn't feel I was ready to have my own place.

So, I'm in the dorms in the fall. My mom & Tim are at his house, located about 5 minutes down the road from the apartment my mom & I lived in for the last 5 years. The month-long "Winter Break" between semesters comes and I stay at Tim's house with them. There's room for me. It's not a bad situation.

Spring Break, however, is where things get a bit awkward. My mom is bipolar and will occasionally flip out and - in the least-nice way to put it - go crazy and fuck everything up for everybody around her. That's what she did over Spring Break.

One night, she flipped out and broke up with Tim, heading back to Ripley, to live my her dad, my grandpa (aka "Pap").

So, now it's summer and I can't stay in the dorms at Concord. I don't want to live with my mom and grandpa 2 hours away. I don't have the funds available for my own apartment. Kelly likes me ... but not enough to let me live with her mom and brothers.

So, I'm staying with Tim right now. I'm living with my mom's ex-boyfriend. It's actually not that weird - he like me better than her and vice versa lol. He's a pretty cool guy. We both get along better with each other than either one of us did with my mom.

So, I'm staying here right now. While I can't live with Kelly & her mom, I can stay over there as much as humanly possible, so I'm basically splitting my time between the two houses.

My ultimate goal for this summer is to get an apartment. Somewhere. Hopefully. Kelly and I have discussed living together. We both seem to be in favor of finding a place to live and we seem to enjoy each other's company, so that looks like the plan for now.

So, that's where I'm at right now. I'll go back to that story I discussed earlier:

This is my first week off from school. I haven't seen my mom & grandfather & everybody else in a couple months, so she wanted me to drive up and visit. I asked Kelly if she wanted to come down. She enjoys the company of my grandpa and likes my "hometown," so she was up for the visit.

We were all set. Tuesday was the day. We were going up and spending a couple days in Ripley. Last time we were up, I showed Kelly the houses I grew up in. This time, we were going to live the Ripley "night life" - go to the local hole-in-the-wall, "The Roundhouse," go to the 2-screen movie theater, and we were going to explore Ravenswood a little bit more. But...

My mom calls me Monday afternoon. She wants to know if I can delay my trip until next week. She still hasn't gotten some of her prescriptions changed over from Princeton to Ripley. I think that's her way of having an excuse to come down and see me every so often... Anyway, her prescription comes in this Friday. She thinks it would be pointless to come down Tuesday, stay for a while, and then either have to get the prescription and drive back up or have her come down after just seeing me. She wants to know if I can pick up the prescription on Friday and come down that weekend.

Actual conversation:

Chris: "I work this weekend."

Mom: "Can you bring it down Monday?"

Chris: "I don't want to miss wrestling."

Mom: "What do you mean? Is wrestling more important than your family?"

Chris: "I can come down on Tuesday."

Mom: "This is ridiculous, Christopher. [sigh] Okay. I'll see you next Tuesday."

She's learned over the years to not argue with me when it comes to wrestling.

Delaying the trip definitely interferes with the plans of myself and Kelly. We had everything worked out - we were going to grab a Tuesday edition of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph and look through the job listings while we were up in Ripley. When we come back later that week, we would pick up a new paper and check to see if those jobs were still available. In week 2 of summer vacation, we could call up and get some jobs.

Now, week 1 is being spent sitting around. Week 2 is now go to Ripley and week 3 is now call up people for jobs. I doubt many people would give me a job and then be okay with me saying, "Thanks for the job, I can work two days before I'm gone for a week."

Yeah, in case you're curious, I'm looking for a new job. Pizza Hut just isn't cutting it for me. It hasn't cut it for me for about 2 years now. I explained it in a previous blog, which I'd link here if it weren't for dickhead hackers. Instead, I'll offer a summarized version - I accomplished everything I could do at Pizza Hut and I'd like to move on. They offered me a manager position a couple years ago that I couldn't take at the time, and I don't want one now if offered. I'd like to get out of there and into something more professional.

So, I guess that's where we're at right now. I'm going to eventually go talk to Tammie Toler, Editor-in-Chief of the Princeton Times, about getting my job back there. I wrote for PT in the fall on a freelance basis and was removed as a cost-cutting measure. She said there was only enough money in the budget for 2 sports writers. I was the 3rd sports writer & least-tenured member of the staff, so I had to go. She told me to check back with her sometime later and see if we could work something out.

While I was with her in the fall, I wrote sports. Each week, I interviewed the coach of Princeton High School's football team about the previous game & had him look ahead to the upcoming game. I did that until the season was over and he didn't make the playoffs. For the playoffs, I would just call up a random coach throughout the state and ask for an interview.

It took three weeks of missed calls and missed interviews, but I got an interview with the head coach of the state champs in the largest division in the state. I think it's a blessing that we actually missed each other so much, b/c if everything had gone smoothly, I would have interviewed him after the first round of the playoffs - this interview was a lot better.

My roommate in the dorms, Pat, showed me this site called "ihigh.com," a place to keep people up-to-date on high school athletics from around the state. I started putting some of my articles up there. Click here to see the final story I wrote for PT, which includes the interview w/ the head coach of the state champion football team I mentioned above.

* * *

I'll probably be bored and blog a lot in the coming weeks and months. It's not like I have anything else to do. As with all my other blogs, I import these into Facebook. I never tag anybody in my "real life" blogs, because I don't think my life is interesting or that anybody cares about it. But, just because you're not tagged doesn't mean that you can't read or leave comments if you like. You can also leave anonymous comments. Just watch the racial slurs. Those aren't cool.

It looks like the debate's mostly over in my last blog about issues surrounding SGA officer pay and Concord's library. It's a very interesting subject, that doesn't look like there are any real answers. You can go there and check that out. There are comments in the two blogs (main entry & one I link in it) from SGA President Jeff Yeager, former Vice President Ashley Hicks, Current Board of Governors representative Curtis Kearns, Attorney General Jeff Yeager, Faculty Senate representative Ashley Green, SGA Judicial Branch Advisor Sean Noland, SGA Advisor Marshall Campbell ... and Pat.

That's all for now. Have a great summer.


  1. I still have the mutton-stache, for anybody curious:


  2. Finally you got a blogger account! I hope you can get back on with the PT.

  3. Yeah, I finally did. About time, I guess lol.

    I hope I get back w/ PT also. I'll probably go back the week after next. I guess I'll be lazy & lazy & lay around this week, then go visit my grandpa next week, and then go look for a job.

    She never said anything bad about my writing & told me it was purely a cost-cutting move to get rid of me, so I'm hopeful we can work something out. I've got some really neat feature ideas I want to look into.