Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hurt my toe! & other updates

I stubbed my toe today! I did it on the edge of a door. Click here to see what my toe looked like a couple minutes after it happened. Shit ... it hurt so bad.

In other news:

I'm getting back on a normal sleep schedule. I started the break off by waking up at 4 p.m. I then had days of waking up at 3:30, then 2, and today I woke up at noon! So, congratulations to me :)

I go see my mom & grandpa in 5 days. I'm looking forward to that.

I watched the Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker match from WrestleMania 25. It was amazing! Possibly one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time. Track that down if you're a fan of wrestling.

I still haven't watched the "Greatest Stars of the '90s" DVD that I bought the other day. I'll do that soon. I may put up a review of it or something.

Check out the book "All the President's Pets," by Mo Rocca. Kelly bought it for me about a month ago, thinking it was a biography of presidential pets & I began reading it thinking that same thing. It's not. It's a satirical fictional account of Rocca's journey through the journalism ranks, starting with him covering George Bush's dog for MSNBC. It's hilarious. Journalist Helen Thomas plays a huge part in the book.

For anybody curious, I have not re-created my MySpace account yet. I'm still not sure if I'm going to.

I barely use my Facebook account. I may start using Facebook more for photo albums. I'll probably re-post that album showing the progression of my hair over the last 3 years. It was on MySpace, but we all know what happened to that. Click here if you don't know what happened.

I believe I have fallen in love with Twitter. For people who don't understand it, I don't think there's anything I can say to get you to do so. It's more than just a huge "status update." I like to use the term "micro-blogging" when describing Twitter. It's so simple, yet so complicated at the same time. I think you have to be really creative to use Twitter. ... check me out if you're bored

For anybody curious about the background I have ... You may recognize that picture from Metallica's sixth-studio album, "Load." The picture is an avant-garde piece by artist Andres Serrano. What the picture is is actually pretty gross ... it's cow blood mixed together with Serrano's semen, between two sheets of plexiglass. Yeah, pretty sick. But, interesting to look at, I think.

I have 4 really cool feature story ideas I want to pitch to the Princeton Times. Me coming back to the paper hinges on whether or not they have enough money to pay me. If they do, I'm back. If they don't, then I'm not. It's as simple as that. Hopefully they do. Of my 4 ideas, I think they'd be okay with 2 of them. None of them are what the paper usually prints, but the two that I think they'd print are interesting and would appeal to a younger audience, something I don't think the PT has. The other 2 may have some legal things I'd have to look into and could potentially be dangerous. The Princeton Times aren't known as big risk takers, so I'll pitch the "safe" 2 and build up some capital before I pitch the other 2.

In other notes, I'm looking into getting my 3rd tattoo. I've had this idea for close to 8 months or so ... the only reason I haven't gotten it yet is because it's a somewhat-complicated design and I want to get it down before I go get it done. My other 2 tattoos (click here & click here) are fairly simple, so I had the idea and then had them done. With this one, I'm doing some research and figuring out what would look the best. It will definitely be the biggest tattoo I have ... and probably the biggest one I would ever get.

That looks like all for now. Of all the blogs I wrote on my MySpace page over the years, I only had 1 saved on my computer, so I may post that one on here sometime soon. It was the blog I wrote about realizing that music I listened to as a child was now being played on the classic rock station. People liked that one, so I'll post it on here sometime.

Enjoy your summer. Let me know what you guys are doing over your break. If it's anything interesting, I may post it here in my blog for everybody to see.

I import these into Facebook & never tag anybody in my "real life" blogs. That doesn't mean you can't comment on them if you'd like. I know my life isn't very exciting, but I like to think it's at least a little bit interesting.


  1. They have the Mo Rocca book at the Dollar Tree in Princeton.

  2. Nice. Everybody in Princeton, go get the book. Everything in the Dollar Tree is only $1 - that's a great bargain. Everything in there is a great bargain...

  3. Just to show how awesome Twitter is, my dorm-mate Pat has responded to my blog on his Twitter page -'s what he left:

    @chris_slater OUCH!!

    *that one was about my toe picture

    @chris_slater i said that when i saw it during wresltemania it ranks 2nd on my greatest matches list...1st is the one with you know who

    *that one is about the HBK/Undertaker match