Monday, May 25, 2009

CU Discord

I don't have much right now. I just wanted to inform anybody unaware about Curtis Kearn's new blog, "Discord University."

Kearns is the Concord University Board of Governors Representative & Representative to the Higher Education Policy Commission's State Advisory Council of Students. Say that 3 times fast.

Perhaps inspired by the recent debate in a couple of my blogs, Kearns has started his own Concord-related blog. It looks as though he will give students a look into his mind as a student representative and possibly host a forum for student grievances and inquiries.

Click ... to check that out

He presently has 2 posts - one explaining the formation of his blog, and another giving his thoughts on Concord's recent 3.7 percent tuition increase. Both are good reads, which you should really go out of your way to check out.

In regards to Concord, Kearns is a pretty important student. He is a member of one of Concord's highest organizational bodies, and he is a member of a pretty important state-wide body. If you are a student at Concord, you should know who Curtis Kearns is. He actually has a vote regarding whether or not tuition is increased each year, in addition to several other things.

Check out his blog from time-to-time. You may learn a thing or two about Concord.

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  1. I need to fix a typo here. In the blog, I wrote that tution at Concord raised 3.7 percent. That should actually read 8.76 percent. Oops.